Loots of Trouble

It is hard to believe that we are the only family on this planet who cannot drive 76 km without subjecting ourselves to 5 toilet stops, 10 I wana-wana-wana’s, complete distruction of the family car (inside only), 6 arguements, 10 debates, a fight worthing of a world class boxing match, hair pulling, pinching, kissing, conversation – and this is before we have reached our destination. Then come home and repeating the whole episode!!!!!

Leaving the house is a topic alone – gone are the days where we just leave. Never and I mean never do we leave on time – EVER.

Our June/July family holiday this year will be spent in the car. We are going to try, in 21 days to go to the four compass points of South Africa. We will travel from St Francis Bay to Agullas (Southern most tip) up then to Alexander Bay (East) up to Beit Bridge (North) through Kruger and down to Kosi Bay (West) and home through Durbs.

This plan is reeking of the movie Little Miss Sunshine……

We have got to Plan Plan Plan and the journey of planning will start tomorrow………

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