To start the planning process I have decided to employ the big guns – this morning I bathed in Batman Bubble Bath – courtesy of Jamie – an 11 year old boy with nerves of steel. Hoping that this Batman Juice will give me the superpowers needed to embark on this planning journey – or I could get a fetish for black lycra and maybe my 10 year old Audi will turn into a Batmobile or…..I will meet someone called Robin ….. will keep you posted.


Firstly we need the team to take us on our trip they are Frans – Big Guns Dad, Jamie – 11 yearold Adventurer, Rosie – the cute factor and me (Tanya) – minister of everything. Our 5th member Ben will not be comming – lets leave his story for later.

We have all been given jobs for the trip so far they look like this:

Jamie – Navigator

Its going to be his job to get us where we need to go. He has this HUGE mapbook and his job today will be to navigate us the shortest trip to Agullus. He has to find the places of interest along the way and no a spur, Macdonals etc. is not a place of interest.

Dad – Designated Driver and Overall Sponsor

Dad is working very hard to making sure that we have enough funds to go on the trip. He must present a daily budget to us, once the budget has been approved by us we will be ready to go. As for driving it is simply too painful to let anyone else drive…….

Rosie – Minister of Everythings assistant, Music Director

This 9 year old girl wonder must assist mum with EVERYTHING, she must also choose the music for the trip – BIG JOB.


Will start looking at accomodation options – this is a little bit dodgy at the moment as the Navigator need to give me a schedule and the minister of finance needs to present a budget.

Tomorrow – PLANNING CONT….

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