Ha Ha made a new friend today, her name is Robyn …. see the Batman stuff works like a gem… no I’m not joking.
The fridge is an intrisic part of our family life. Many years ago we made a decision to either eat well or dress well, we decided to eat well. The results of this unfortunately have shown themselves on my hips, the rest of the family remains unscathed by this life changing decision.
The fridge is normally full of yummy leftovers and the food olympics normally starts early in the morning with the smell of warmed up pizza/stew/pork sausages comes wafting up the stairs by 6 am. A major toothbrushing episode has to take place before school as it is simply not on sending kids to school smelling of anything other than cereal.
The second heat of the food olymipics begins in ernest when Patric, Mieta and Afro (my ministers of cleanliness and hygene) arrive – Picture the scene:
Arrive at work at 8.00 am
Immediately peruse the contents of the fridge
Sitdown and eat
Work till 9.00am
Have breakfast
Work till 10.00am
Tea Time
Work till 12.00
You get the picture – by the way I love and respect Patric, Mieta and Afro dearly and wouldnt change them for the world.
More often than not when I need something to eat – Pelele!!!!!
I digress from the planning stage of our trip.
Let me introduce the Family
Firstly Big Bad Dad aka Frans – he likes sailing, He is quite a sensible chap and grounds the rest of us. Did I mention he loves sailing…..he reads sailing mags, books, watches sailing on telly, goes to sailing websites EVERY day, built a sailing boat, teaches us to sail etc…..
He is the person who keeps us all on track and because of this he will be our driver and timekeeper on the trip – the only way he will make an unscheduled stop if he sees a boat/marina/port on the way. There will also be a possibility that we will tow a dingy home from somewhere on the trip. Frans already owns a fleet of boats and we are known as “the house with the boats”.
Frans works long hours and very hard. He has given us the most amazing life – he is a good father and husband.
He is busy with the budget for the trip and working out how much petrol we are going to use….cant wait.
By the way …… did I mention he loves sailing!!!!! See him above on his boat ….. tomorrow…Jamie

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