Jamie (sitting on the malibu board – why he has got his own style of boarding we don’t know) during a nippers carnival earlier this year.

“Jamie” I shout/screech or whatever pitch a Mom uses at 6.ooam on a winters morning “have you brushed your teeth?????” The answer comes bouncing back “not quite” –

“WHATDOYOUMEANNOTQUITEEATHERTHEYAREBRUSHEDORNOT!!!!!!” How on earth can someone “not quite” have brushed their teeth?????

“How was your day Jamie” – Great

“How was your maths test Jamie?” – Great
“HOw are all the starving children in China Jamie?” – Great

This about sums up our middle child Jamie – he is great. His grandmother once made a comment that Jamie is so laid-back that he should have been Australian. Nothing much bothers this 11 year old (except his sister).
He loves his friends, all animals – even his meat eating sucker fish (another story) and most of all he loves being part of this planet. Wherever Jamie is there is something interesting happening.

Jamie is to be the navigator on our trip. He has a HUGE mapbook and he must plan daily distances and places of interest. We have decided to skip the places that we have been to before and go to offbeat and truly South African towns rather than cities – Sorry Cape Town,Pretoria and Jozie we will not be visiting you. Darling is a must on our list and we would love to meet Evita, we also feel it is every South African’s duty to stay in Pofadder for at least one night.

So far Jamie has plotted us as far as Agullus – we should do it in the first day.

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