Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important duties of a parent. The implications of the wrong name can have far reaching and embarrassing consequences. Freds, John and Peter – Jane, Judy and Anne are always safe bets, but with the recent deluge of celebrity childrens names i.e. Apple, Moonrakerspacestation, IMTHECHILDOFASUPERSTAR, trends are beginning to appear. At the outset of my third pregancy, absolutely certian we were having anouther boy child we chose the name Francis Kendal Loots – a good strong name with family connections so that we could keep all the ancestors happy.

Lots of blue clothes were purchased and given, there were blue prams/blankets/toys we lovingly restored and a blue bedroom was painted. Ben and Jamie were prepped for the arrival of a little brother and we were all terribly excited.

We forgot to ask the doctor what the sex was of the imminent arrival, this is how sure we were that we were having another boy. Another boy just felt right, it was how we saw our family makeup.

On the day of the birth we took all our little man things to St Georges hospital and at 7.00am on a rainy Saturday morning Francis Kendal Loots was delivered. One minor detail – a boy child did not arrive. Sliced from hip to hip I heard the words “our little Rosebud has arrived” and a little girl was put into my arms.

From that day on Rosie, whose name is Francis Kendle, was known as Rosie. In fact is has only been in the last year or two that she has realised that her name is not Francis Kendle.

….Back to our trip

Rosie Bud Loots is going to do the research into the places of interest to go to on our trip. We are still awaiting Big Bad Dads budget and Jamie has not got further than Augullus.

Shaka World and the Valley of the Waves are high on her list… will keep you posted.

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