In Frans’s business the budget and the presentation of the budget is a BIG thing. Harring around for the up and comming budget presentation normally starts before the Easter Weekend and cumilates about mid-May the budget is presented – in a powerpoint presentation nogaal!!! – to his partners in crime.

Determining this business budget becomes the focal point in our lives. When I ask him what is on his plate for the day the reply is “my budget”, cyberspace is then blocked with budgets flying from Pennies to Home, which then has to be zipped, flipped and copied onto a flashdisc, then recopied to his computer, so that he can work on the …. BUDGET…. at home. He comes home, eats, then up to his office to work on the BB (work it out!). Every aspect of the business is analysed from pest control to purchasing of new equipment. He relies on every lifeline to assist him along the way ….. yes he tries elimination, ask the audience and phone a friend. Budgets are lost, formulas are incorrect and all in all the whole process is LONG.

It is the Loots version of who wants to be a Millionaire.

Holidays are cancelled, weekend plans are put on hold and in general me and the kids forget Big Bad Dad lives here.

The relief when the BB is complete is palpable and after a long absence our father and husband is home again in body and mind.

I have been asking for a budget for our holiday for AGES, and yesterday he came to me with his holiday budget. Far from a presentation as I expected I got……you can have R 1000.00 per day for the trip.

“And what is included in this”



Lets look at this logically, this (lets call it BB2) is to cover all food (remember we eat well), petrol, accomodation, entertainment and …… wait for it ……. extras.

Right …. I’m up to this. I am going to rise to this occaision.

Lets assume we travel 400 km a day – PETROL – R 500.00
We eat well – FOOD – R300.00
PADKOS – R100.00

This leaves 2 cents PER NIGHT for accomodation – BOY ARE WE GOING TO SLEEP WELL.

Now, all jokes aside, I am up to this task and I am going to come out with money over, remember those books Europe on R100.00 per day….. stay posted.

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