Well I have to deal with this BB, so I’m going to put on my big girl knickers and make it work.

The following options are available

a. Get a sponsor – I am sure the likes of Nike, Coca-cola, Investec and ABSA will be clamboring at my door to give us a sponsorship for our ground breaking trip.

b. Have one of those SMS competitions where unsuspecting people enter the competiton paying R10 000.00 per SMS only to find that they have made it into the second round.

c. Circulate an email with the header – Have a heart – the Loots family need to go on holiday and they need more than their BB per day, add to this a photo of 4 sad looking Loots’s explain that for every five friends that you forward this and MTN, Vodacom or Kodak etc will give $1 to our cause – then let the email fly around the globe in a nano second!!

d. Work with what I have been given and the resources available to me (sounds like hard work).

In the light of day this budget is workable and do-able, and, I always have my secret weapon…. shhhhhhhh MY HUSBANDS CREDIT CARD. Surely the laws of budgets do not apply to credit card transactions because…. the transactions go into NEXT months budget which now becomes his problem and not mine!!!!! Gotta luv that gold plastic masterpeice.

Anyway we have bigger fish to fry at the moment….its exam time…. more tomorrow

One thought on “WORKING THE BUDGET

  1. G'day "go to girl"Your oldies from OZ dropped in for my b'day. Donna wanted to know if I had read your blog. I tried to pretend that I had but she saw through me – so this time I did the deed and read all of it (well from the School Sec. to the passport photos). I'll get into your archives soon (if the 'puter lets me) and get the full stiory.I liked your blog (Donna knew I would). You have style, kid (as if you did not know).The Liebmann has never been to Africa much less South Africa so you are my the info on which I have a perception. Keep up the good work, please?See ya later,Rogue

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