Question : Can you describe the circumstances surrounding Dr Christiaan Barnards death?
Jamies Answer: Wait for it
Wait for it


I HATE EXAM TIME, no I really mean I HATE it. Having ET just after BB is just downright cruel in the big cosmic scheme of things. I hate it more than finding out the plate you are taking out of the microwave is not microwave proof, I hate it more than …… anything.

Jamie also does not like exams, they play havoc with his social life.

His moaning starts the milli-second learning starts, complaints normally start at the top and work their way to the bottom – Picture the scene –

“Lets go and study Jamie” (yes I do have to sit with him whilst he learns, this is as amusing as watching paint dry)
“But MOM I’ve got a headache” (he only gets headaches during exams)
“Studing is known to get rid of headaches Jamie”
“Mom my teeth are sore”
“Studing is known to get rid of toothache Jamie”
“Mom my neck is sore I think I’ve got Meningitus”
(He didnt know what Meningitus was before today)
Please understand we have not yet opened a book.
Eventually…… “MOM my foot is REALLY sore” says Jamie with real tears in is eyes

At that exact moment his friend Damon walks in with a fishing rod “Hey J, do you want to go fishing?”

It is then a miracle happens Jamie leaps out of his chair “Hey Day – I’ll get my rod”, this is better than the Lazarus story.

NOTE TO SELF : Must speak to Damons Mom about his healing powers

Anyway… we will survive …. Just….. and we have our holiday to look forward to.


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