We have had a week of the holiday is on again off again on again off again. For the third year running work commitments have loomed over us to thwart our plans. The problem seems that to take three consecutive weeks out of your work life might lead to disaster!!!!! 20 days will be fine but 21 ooops problem. For the past three years we have planned this trip and for the past three years it has not happened, I have not had a holiday in over three years, and our family (apart from a trip to the Cape with Granny and Grandpa from Australia last year Easter) simply cannot get it together to take a holiday. I am so looking forward to this time with my family.
But now the real planning can begin.
First and foremost is how we are going to tackle the ben issue. Rewinding a bit – our first born arrived a little early – four months early to be exact. Weighing in at a mere 750 grams he was not even considered viable 14 years ago. To cut a long story short Ben is a special needs child. He goes to an Amazing school in Port Elizabeth where he boards but comes home every second weekend and All school holidays, this is one of the major reasons why we do not go away during school holidays. Ben will simply not cope on a trip of this type, to be quite honest Ben either likes being at Aurora (the name of his school), at home, or travelling to and from Aurora and very little else. A trip of this type would be a nightmare for him, and it is unfair to deprive Jamie, Rosie, Frans and myself of this opportunity.
Having a special needs child is not a walk in the park, but, it is not as bad as most people think. The sunny moments definitely outweith the dark ones.

Lost the blog a bit.

Getting ready for a trip is no childs play, the list is endless and growing:

I am starting the planning under the following headings:

1. My Business

2. My House

3. My Trip

4. Myself

Firstly my business. I own a self-catering accomodation spot on a plot behind my home. It is normally very busy – but the credit crunch has definitely caught up with the business this month. All I need is a couple of bums in beds whilst I’m away and things will be looking peachy. It is SELF-CATERING so my guests are actually happier if they don’t see me unless they are looking for Bottle openers/toilet rolls/and other watchimigadets that guests seem to think are part of self-catering stalwarts. Patric and Afro can keep the boat afloat admirally whist I go and stay in other peoples self-catering places. I am really keen to see what others have to offer.

Tomorrow (if google will allow me in tomorrow) will do the rest.

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