Exam time has totally consumed our household. Guests are comming in they ask “how are you” all I say is “its Exam time”. Old parents get this vaguely queazy look about them, existing parents nod sympatheticalls, new parent don’t have a clue whats comming and non-parents actually look quite smug whilst trying to nod and click sypathetically.

In the last week Jamie has had 5 assignments, 1 Afrikaans oral, numerous surprise tests, prepared reading, english oral and on top of this he has serious tests every day. This lot is not fun and we spend hours and hours and hours studing. On top of this we are still keeping up a gruelling sports programme.

This morning he very grumpily informes me “Mom you never have any time for me”
WHAT!!!!! If I had to give him more time I would actually have to get inside his SKIN!!!!!
As a parents I honestly think there is no magic solution time (boarding school in Timbuktu?).


If we have time on the trip we would love to pop (yes pop) into Mozambique for prawns (LM or Maputo??????), as SA citizens we need passports to get into this mysterious country. Applying for 3 passports (Jamie, Rosie and myself) was an absolute breeze – cudos to Home Affairs in Humansdorp. Promptly 5 weeks later I went to fetch our passports – 2 were there – Jamie and Rosie – mine still on its way. I hear via the grapevine that my application is still at the offices.
I rush up to Home affairs to find out that my application has been sent back due to the photograph – now please understand that the photo is question is a work of art – I spent at least 12 hours getting ready for this important photo, hair, nails (yes nails), new underwear, outfit, makeup and shoes (yes shoes ….. one has to look great from top to toe), I then went to the Passport Photo place and they had one of these “take a photo and look at the photo on the computer” thingameegadget. It took 1 556 attempts to get the correct look – a bargain at 40 bucks (whole morning of entertainment). Once this work of art was completed I proudly took it to Home Affairs with a LOOKATMYFANTASTICPHOTOHAVEYOUEVERSEENSUCHAFANTASTICPASSPORTPHOTO
look on my face…..only to find 5 weeks later that the powers that be have chucked out my photo because of “Smiling and hair on facial area” – serious!!!! So I scream into the car, dash back to the Passport photo place and get a rush job. (See above for the two results, who would you rather come into your country???????)

I go back to Home affairs with my criminal mug job and sadly staple the photo onto the re-application – THIS IS ALL SO SAD. I hope that they find me acceptable this time.
The really sad because so much time was wasted getting the paperwork done that I have still not done any of the concrete planning that is becomming a bit desperate.


  1. Tanya,I'm so enjoying your saga! You should write a book. And your Passport photos are gorgeous, both of them. Anyway, I'm following your journey into 'darkest Africa' so don't stop now – it all sounds so good.Pam

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