I have got to put my mind to how we are going to afford this trip. The following facts are at my disposal: – We have R1000.00 per day (£66 or £16 pound per person or $142 or $35 per day – out of this we need to a. eat breakfast, lunch and supper – plus a bit of shut-up food along the way. b. We need a place to rest our heads every night – winging it straight in the car is not an option, camping not an option. c. We need the petrol to get to our proposed destination every day.

The following plans are comming together:

1. As of today we are all going on a diet. The way I figure the less we weigh at the time of the trip the less petrol we will use as the car will be lighter. We must be very carful as to who loses the most weight – I definitely could lose the most, with Frans second then Jamie, if Rosie loses too much she will dissapear – but then again we will then have more space in the car and the car will be lighter!!!!!

2. There is loads of food in our cupboard and freezer at home. I can pack a lot of this to take with. We simply do not have to eat in resturants for every meal – at home we eat cereal every morning for breakfast, we are not a bacon and eggs type of family – there is no reason why – because we are away that we have to break this tradition – we can pack our own breakfast goodies. Lunches can be sandwiches and we will only need to eat out where it is necessary i.e. we have to eat crayfish at Lamberts bay, Puffadder at Poffadder etc. We will also be taking along flasks tea/coffee/hot chocolate and milk coffee and tea stops become very pricey and we can combat this with self-catering.

3. I will start pricing around for accomodation tomorrow. I own a graded 3 star self-catering establishment I am going to try and stay within the standards which we maintain. It is going to be very interesting to see if the grading system is accurate and fair throughout South Africa.

4. Space is also limited in the car so we cannot even consider taking the kitchen sink. PEP stores have these amazing vendor bags in groovy designs. The bags are smaller than the old “checked” vendor versions, we will be buying two of these bags per passenger it them they must put their clothes, shoes toiletries ect. I recon that this will work out because Rosie tends to travel with just about the complete contents of her bedroom and Jamie seems to think that packing entails putting two pairs of baggies, a pair of underpants and a couple of shirts is enough for a holiday. It seems to work for both of them. Frans tends to pack about an hour before a trip and he gets his packing right first time every time. I tend to start packing about a month before a trip and I never get it right – I GIVE UP.

Spending and disposable money is definitely going to be in short supply, so we are going to have to curb anything unnessessary.

Man I am up to this challenge.


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