This is a serious and hartfelf blog. Yesterday the Principal of Jamie and Rosies school passed away after suffering from a stroke.

It is unbelievable how important a Principal is in our lives, and without ever realising it, how important Mr Theron was in the Loots life in particular. For 6 hours every day we entrust our children totally into the hands of people who are first strangers and who soon become friends. These people are the teachers chosen to be with our kids for hopefully a year – who help them grow as humans and as intellectuals. Our children have no wish to have any contact with a Headmaster as this normally means doom and trouble.

Mr Theron had his fair share of dishing out doom and trouble but he was the glue that kept the school together. Have you any idea how much juggling had to be done in order to keep 1000 kids PLUS their parents, a team of teachers, admin staff, grounds and cleaning people plus as any small town Headmaster will know the whole community satisfied and impressed?

Mr Theron in his role of Headmaster became part of J-Bay royalty but he always made time to chat to Moms that assisted with the School. We had many conversations and they were always about his family and how proud he was of them.

Mr Theron we were priviledged to have you as part of our lives for the past 7 years – we will miss you – please watch over us.

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