To date I have put quite a bit of legwork into finding accomodation. It is not working. I am not asking for miracles only exactly the same service and price which I would give at my establishment at this time of the year.
Today I am solely going to rely on Safari Now. I like Safari Now from being an establishment listed with them. A prospective client shows an interest via their site and you get a sms saying “Mrs Holidaymaker is requesting a quote please log on to Safari Now”, if you don’t respond timeously you get little sms’s saying “Mrs Holidaymaker is STILL awaiting your response … please log in to…” Now what Safari does is take the legwork out of booking – after what I have been through cudo’s to them.
Note to self: a carreer as a travel agent is NOT for me.
I have now sent a blanket request to various establishments on the West Coast and Langebaan.
Also decided to move on and try Poffadder – our Thursday stop.
PROGRESS AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A very efficient Jolene at the Poffadder Hotel (found on the internet – they seen to have accomodation Pofadder tied-up) answered the phone promptly. Two options in my budget range – the Hotel itself has a family room for R455.00 per night or there is a self-catering option for R595.00 – I have booked into the Hotel if not for any other reason than we can say we stayed at the Pofadder Hotel – Pofadder – South Africa.
I enquired what there was to do in Pofadder – Jolene just laughed. I am so looking forward to Pofadder – they have been the only town apart from Agullus to welcome our family so far. See above for photos of the pofadder hotel.
So we have a place to put our weary heads on Monday, Tuesday Nix and Wednesday Nix. I need to be in Alexander Bay on Thursday at 8.00 am because according to their marketing there is a Mine tour at 8.00 am on Thursdays – bookings essential. Haven’t been able to book yet – no-one answering any phones.
Day Four Tomorrow

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