Today is a good day. I finally got through to Alexander bay. You have bypass one of those Nommer Assablief thingies and they do not answer “Alexander bay how may I help you?” It is Alexkor hallo – Please take note of this so if you ever phone the place you will thank me that you didn’t get confused.

Hi, I’m looking for accomodation for Wednesday 01 July
“Please hold”
“Im looking for accomodation for …….”
“Please hold”
rummaging in background …….”Hallo” the same person comes back on.
“2 rooms do the kids mind sharing”
“No (by now sharing anything might mean a murder in the family after sharing a car for a couple of hours a day) (maybe four rooms would be better)
“Ok your accomodation is booked”
“Um” I ask “have you any pictures on the net that I can veiw it on?”
“Alright ….. do you need any information from me?”
“Like what?”
“Like my name for a start……”
“OK – but its booked for you”
“How do I get directions to you?”
“When you get to the gate of Alexander Bay – I KID YOU NOT THE TOWN HAS A GATE – ask for Briston and they will call me.


“Briston are you in Tourism?”

“How do I find out about mine tours?”
“Phone Oom Schalk and he will tell you more”

Oom Schalk it seems is head of Security – the mine tours arent exactly like a Cango Cave excursion – you have to send your ID’s and proof of address and once they have cleared you then they may allow you in – I hope we pass.

Included in the tour is refreshments and an oyster – yes AN oyster.

How do we find Oom Schalk
“Ask at the gate and they will call me” GOTTA LOVE THIS PLACE

If all else fails we will still be going to POFADDER the following day.

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