I LOVE snowdays, they happen very, very rarely – about once every two years. Snowdays are special and a treat. It normally involves waking up on a mid winter morning at it is pitch black, the rain is pelting against the windows, the wind is howling and it is just not humanly correct to get out of bed …… by the way it is 5.00 am (normal wake up time). The urge to roll over and stay exactly where I am overcomes me and I lay wide awake just enjoying being exactly where I am.

Now waking up and getting the kids ready for school every morning can be likened to pulling a healthy tooth out of a healthy mouth

a. Its painful

b. Its lonely

c. Its not easy

d. Its not great when you are going through it but the pain is forgotten in the relief of it finishing

Normally at 5.10 I drag Jamie out of bed and into a bath, he sees the tub as an extention of his bed and he promply falls asleep in the bath until his sister chases him out at about 5.30 – then comes the endless “Mom I can’t find my …………………”(101 things that should have been taken out yesterday) – “Mom I must still do my……………….” ( the homework that should have been done last night) At 6.20 we all fall out of the house into the car only to realise (and yes we do this every morning) that we have forgotten to kiss Dad goodbye, so we get out of the car, kiss dad goodbye, remember all the things we forgot to remember last time we were inside and we try again to get to the bus, only then we actually leave the premises.
So today when I woke up the conditions were perfect for a snow day. We left the kids sleeping, I SMS’s the kids teachers (telling them the truth!!!!!!) and we snuggled back into bed. Now snowdays involve a little bit of work and then I let Afro, Patric and Mieta go home early to enjoy their own snowday. Then we hit the video shop (remember we now have full choice of all the Videos because everyone is at school/work/whatever. We get popcorn into our PJ’s and snuggle up for the day.
Today we got a 3 hour movie aptly named for the day FLOOD, a tale about a storm brewing over the North Sea and threatning to flood London, maybe it was a bad idea.
But look what happened…..the snow came…..BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR……
We are now making slushies out of hail!!!!!!!!

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