It is two sleeps till we leave, and there just seems to be an endless list of things to do/organise/pack, I also have to organise my Home, my Staff, animals, business and of course make sure that Ben is going to have a great time at Aurora.
When faced with a list of tasks, my family do what they do best – dissapear.
I really wanted to continue the blog whilst I’m away but didn’t know how to get onto the internet whilst away. So my friend Andi (person who knows EVERYTHING) said
“Get a dongle”

“A what???” I ask

“A dongle – STUPID”
Right!!!! everyone knows what a dongle is so I do a snap survey with J-bay Teachers (Very clever people), and a couple of my friends, you know what no-one had ever heard of a dongle.
I ask Frans (He is not so clever when it comes to computers) and he says he thinks hes got one but he’s never used it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I WANT/NEED/DESPERATELY HAVE TO HAVE a dongle – it seems like these little things allow you to use the internet wherever you want.
So I phone my friend Ana (Absolute wizz at all things computer) and she sets me on my dongle path.
Dongle now in place – the unused one that Frans owns (needed a bit of dusting) and I can communicate with all.
Each person has to do their own packing, I REFUSE to pack for 4.
Rosie, Jamie and Frans each have to pack what they will need for the trip, this includes all clothes, toiletries, games and books that will be needed for a three week excursion.
Jamie took 2 minutes.
Rosie took 2 days
Frans has done nothing.
I have to pack for myself and general use. This includes all the stuff needed for the family to eat, dry and may need for the next 21 days i.e canopeners, chargers, flasks, teaspoons, ipods, computers etc. etc. My packing is taking hours and without Patric, Mieta and Afro I would be toast!!!!
Check out the photo above – to the left (the green bag is Jamies packing and the small mountain is Rosies packing.
In Rosies bag is 10 t-shirts, 10 Jerseys, 10 shorts, 10 pairs of long pants, 3 jackets, 6 pairs of Pj’s, 10 panties, 10 books, toiletries, a jewelry box?????? 3 costumes (its winter), 6 pairs of shoes, 3 games, her mp3 player, her celphone, a box of hair essentials, a hairdryer, a torch, a hairbrush ,her gown and various other things that I’m not sure why she is taking them.
Jamie on the other hand has 3 boardshorts, 3 underpants, 3 t-shirts and 3 books one on frogs and toads, on on starmaps and one of snakes and reptiles.
Frans has not yet even started.

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