One sleep to go and I deceided to do a scientific experiment.
So I weighed all of us. The news is BAD – I weigh the same as my husband!!!!! we havent weighed ourselved for years – anyway I now think I am too heavy to get into the car – too much drag, also what about all the photos for the holiday – there will be all the healthy looking people and BLOB Mom – this is so sad. I am now repacking so that I only have black clothes – black makes you look thinner – another experiment???
Anyway lets do the experiment anyway.
Jamie – 43 kg
Rosie – 27 kg
Frans – 78 kg
Tanya – Ditto
Anyway let me put on my etreemly big girl panties on and carry on.
There is the most incredible amount of items being charged in our house at the moment:
4 cellphones, battries for 3 cameras, an ipod, computers, a PSP, MP3 player, portable lights etc. etc. How did our parents actually go away without having to charge a single item. We also have a bag full of charges some of them electrical and some of them car chargers.
Myself, Rosie and the House are fully packed, the status Quo of Frans and Jamie is exactly the same as it was yesterday. We have also stocked up on all the medication that we might need on the trip as well as emergency braai, flask, teaspoon and cup goodies. We will be relying totally on an ipod and a pair of old computer speakers for music for the trip – I have just downloaded a heap of Michael Jackson music – the kids now want to hear his music!!!!!
The animals are sorted, the house is sorted, the guesthouse is sorted, the staff have been given endless lists and all accounts have been paid.
I also have a little black book full of passwords – its amazing how our life is controlled by numbers in order for life to continue as normal i.e. celphone normal and puk codes, banking codes, email codes, computer codes – many of them. We have also made copies of all our passport details – I only managed to get a temporary one – I hope that they let us into Mozambique. We have games, books, stickers, CD’s – I have set the PVR to tape Greys Anatomy for the next 3 weeks. etc. etc.
There is quite a buzz in the house at the moment.
We are almost ready to go….well almost, the car is packed, its almost seven and Frans doesnt have a bag yet.
Anyway – tomorrow Augullus the Southern most tip of Africa. I am a little worried about the cold there. Logic says that when the wind blows in the Antartic its first landfall in Africa is Augullus and we will be there. Will keep you posted hopefully every day if the Dongle works to plan.

Love you all. Check the photo next to the almost packed car and the loots family sonder the Blob with their “make us look stupid hats mom has bought us!”

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