Getting out of the house was absolutely impossible.

Between fully packing the whole car yesterday and this morning our luggage mysteriously DOUBLED – bags started comming out of the woodwork and family members suddenly had TRAVEL MUSTHAVES that they needed for the trip, these things included J-boards, skateboards, 2 computers, 2 big fluffy blankets, a gas braai, coal (carrying coal to Agulhus????), board games, Rosie ended up with 3 big bags and proud of it. We look like a group of hillbillies comming back from a shopping trip. Boy did we go from Hero to Zero overnight.

We headed non-stop to Knysna – specifically to ill de ?????? THAT BAKERY for lunch – unfortunately closed on Mondays but its sibling Pettit de ?????????? is open, absolutely delish – a bit pricey and we bumped into an old aquaintance at the bakery – gosh SA is small.

Then straight to Agulhas – unfortunately I cannot tell you what Agulhas looks like, we arrived after seven and boy this place is the darkest place I have ever been to, the lighthouse sheds a loom over the area every 3 seconds – THIS FACT IS IMPORTANT – as every lighthouse in SA has a different flash, so maybe one day you will be lost at sea and you will see this light flashing every three seconds and you will say to yourself – long ago I read my friend Tanya’s Blog and she told me the Agulhas Light House flashes every three seconds – and Bobs your Uncle I helped to save your life!!

Cape Agulhas Backpackers is actually not in Cape Agulhas, it is next door in Struis Baai – it is quite hard to find because nowhere on the place does say it is Agulhas rather it has a HUGE sign saying Travellers – remember this it is important. Other than this the place is very, very jolly. It is spotless, kiddie friendly, brightly painted and puts you into a big holiday vibe. We are not playing old Neil Young songs, we have a sosatie braai on the coals and all in all life is good. The Backpackers is well within our budget – Frans has now told be I can take petrol out of it and he will pay the petrocard bill on our return to SFB. There is also a pool table, swimming pool and the coolest Kelpie dog called Chocolate – the kids are in seventh heaven.

We have just found out Frans aunt is at Struis Baai at the moment and we will visit her for tea in the morning we will also be heading for the actual Southern Tip of Africa and then on to Langebaan.

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