This morning we did it – we reached our first point – four of the Loots family put their feet on the Southern Most tip of Africa. We each took a small rock as a momento of the occaision – we are going to do this at each of the four points.
Met interesting people at the tip but funniest was a group of Munciple workers who were working on dismantling a walkway leading to the tip, as a joke Frans said to them “did you put it in the wrong place?” – “Ja Meneer” was the answer – Muncipalities are the same all over.
Then off we set for Langebaan on the West Coast. Through the most beautiful countryside we have ever seen. As part of our budget exercise we have decided that not all meals would be spent in resturants and today was a picnic lunch day – we found this awsome turnoff on the way to Franschoek – it has a sign on it DEAD TREE VIDEO AREA – NOT VIDEO WITHOUT A PERMIT – now we don’t have a video camera and the sign said nothing about NO PICNIC LUNCHES – this spot was erie – it is on the far part of a huge dam surrounded by high peaks and INSIDE the water is a dead forest. Then through a hairpin bend pass to Franschoek and I mean FRANCEhoek the place is like a country warp to France nothing is in Engish and although it being unbelievably beautiful it just felt so UN-SOUTH AFRICAN.
On to Malmsbury, through Darling onto the West Coast Road (we saw Table Mountain in the distance and quickly through to Langebaan.

BUT… ONE BIG PROBLEM the whole distance from Cape Augullus to Langebaan is 300 km which in theory should take a maximum of 3 hours – it took us NINE hours – tomorrow is our biggest travel day we have to travel about 700 km so a the rate we are going tomorrow will be a full 24 hours on the road with a hope and a prayer that Alexander bay will be open when we get there.
Accomodation is Langebaan world class and the ELLEFSEN GOLF SUITES get my first five star rating. Fantastic.

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