Leaving Langebaan was hard, not only was the accomodation super, but Langebaan is such a great destination with everything we, as a family, need for a holiday i.e. sailing, sailing and (of course) sailing. But we have been there before and were on a mission to really skim through the places we know in order to spend time in unchartered territory i.e. from Langebaan on.

We hit the road at sunrise and very soon sea gulls were replaced by crows on the telephone lines and went into the Cederberg Valley following the Oliphants river en-route to Springbok. Without warning the beauty of the Valley turns into a desolate landscape and you barely see another car on the road. Again we were skimming through to get to Alexander Bay in daylight. At Springbok we went into possibly the best Spar Supermarket on the planet and off to Port Nolloth via the best tar road and bleak landscape ever. When you get to Port Nolloth the first thing you notice there is no-one around – its almost like everybody left and the last person didn’t turn off the lights. Put a snappy of the lovely harbour above. Now on the internet listed under things to do in Port Nolloth is the FNB ATM – now why on earth is this ATM soooooo special that it warrants a listing in the guide books????? I am definitely going to draw some money from this very special ATM today.
Another 90 km drive along, well – nothing – gets you to Alexander Bay and yes the town has a gate and we were expected!!!! We got sent round to the gastehuis and it was literally like walking into a time warp from the sixties. OK lets take one step back – the town is OWNED by Alexcor – the mining dudes (will get back to this) – Anyway this time warp firstly must be the most spotlessly clean accomodation I have ever set foot in. Each peice of furniture has a mine sticker on it i.e. for stocktake time, rooms are all larger than life there is even one of those string pictures on the wall – please dont take this as sarcastic the place is really FANTASTIC and a great experience. The town is owned by Alexcor and it has a primary and high school, rugby club, angling club, golf club, shopping centre, library, cemetry, churches and I have yet to see one peice of rubbish or a non smiling face in the town – We feel so safe here. I am very impressed with the layout and cleanliness of the whole place.
Bristoff – the gastehuis manager directed us towards the Golf club for dinner – the ad blurb reads “come and join us between 7 and 10 for burgers and T-bones and good times” – we decided to case out Alexander Bay before dinner ( remember that the sun goes down at about 7 and not 6 where we come from.
We took a hand written sign directing us towards the river mouth, at a gate there is a big sign instructing us that there is no access between sunrise and sunset – we had to get there and back in a hurry. We drove down a sandy drive and came accross possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen, it is desolate and so special – some photos above. As we were getting back into the car a dude comes screaming up in a bakkie and plows straight into the soft sand – IDIOT!!!!! – please remember we are IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE – the only buildings we can see are delilict, oh hows this – on this desolate beach there is a well position RUBBISH BIN – boy we could learn a lot in St Francis Bay. Back to the idiot so we start trying to push him out of the sand – now remember we are in the middle of nowhere AND we have to be out of nowhere before sunset and the sun is dipping fast. Eventually we tied a thick rope (my yachtie hubbie does not travel anywhere without a rope) around his springs and out we pull him.
That behind us we leave the place and head towards the Golf Club – we arrive there at five to seven and the place is in complete darkness. At exactly seven a car rocks up and the club manager and his catering partner get out with their bags of goodies. At seven-o-five the place is ready to rock, bar open, pool table ready (there is pool tables throughout the trip) and kitchen ready for business. Gastehuis manager rocks up, other locals, pulloutofthesandidiot, and the place is humming. This is SA at its best, this is possibly the best steak I have ever eaten. Full and happy we pile into our room and sleep.
Rating for our accomodation – another five star but totally different to the modern Langebaan suites. Alexander bay is well worth comming to.

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