Jamie is a man of few needs, but one of his objectives on this trip was to eat a crayfish (normally way out of our league). On our way out of Alexander Bay we were GIVEN a gift of a bin bag full of local seafood – sort of an Alexander Bay lucky packet.
When we arrived at our Pofadder accomodation we opened the packet and there were four crayfish and 16 oysters.
Remember on the Alexander Bay advertising blurb that you will go on the mine tour and afterwards you will get AN oyster. Now take your fist, clench in and then look at it – this was the size of the oyster – the flesh only (excluding the shell). Apparantly these monsters are discards of the Knysna Oyster Co. and they are thrown into the water, they re-attach themselves to something and are left to cultivate in no-mans water. The locals look upon these as free for the picking.
We braai’d the crayfish and slurped away at these super-oysters. There is something really weird about eating fresh seafood in the middle of Pofadder – an absolute highlight of the trip.
The rest of the stay in Pofadder was well……dull. Good Butchery though and a really bad Spar.
Bye-Bye Pofadder – and onto Augrabies Falls National Park – what a place, this is our first 2 night stop (great excitement to all). To get there you must drive on what we have dubbed the land of long straight roads – you just drive and drive without a bend in the road for kilometers. Turning left just before Kakamas we come to Augrabies. What a place – the actual falls are only 250m from a very jacked Reception area.

The actual falls are Big, Wild, Scary and barren all at the same time – but if you start looking beyond the waterfall, looking very hard there is on the rocks around this wild water loads of little lizards of all colours ranging from a normal brown lizard to jewel coloured shiny lizards – we spent more time looking at the lizards than the falls themselves.

An afternoon of R and R, an early braai (Pofadder your meat is really good!!) and an early night Saturday morning found us ready to face the world again.

A right around the Park is very ….. ride around the Parkish – i.e. sitting and looking for animals and then seeing an animal farfarfarfar away and all the people in the car squashing to one side of the car going wherewherewherewhere and then IseeitIseeitIseeit – IsawitfirstIsawitfirst – noyoudidntIdid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Augrabies does not have that much in the way of game and most are non-preditors – leopard, zebra, giaraffe, dassie, baboon. The upside whilst you are driving around you can stop and get out of the car. The scenery is so different to what we are used to, we went for a walk up moon rock and drove around.

There are no T.V’s in the Park – Big Blessing and because it is Rugby day – note not SATURDAY – off we went to the Kakamas Hotel – now take note – if you are ever in Kakamas and there is Rugby on – GO. This is one of the most South African experiences you will ever have. OK the Boks had a hard time but Frans made some new and infuencial friends – check out the photos of his new mates – the guy with the black hair couldn’t stop stroking Frans hair and saying “NICE HIGHLIGHTS” – these guys really enjoy Rugbyday. After this back to Augrabies and just enjoying the SPACE before hitting the road again tomorrow.

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