After lazing at beautiful Augrabies for 2 nights we left bright and early on Sunday morning – well us and most of the other campers. Campers leave early I have no idea how they manage to pack up all their belongings and still look happy all before sunrise!!!!!

The road took us back to Kakamas (no our new friends didn’t come out to wave us goodbye). Through Keimoes – extremely famous place, yep you guessed it the birth place of Ruda Landman. Up to Upington along the N 14 through Oliphantshoek and on ……

Our trip to date has been remarkably litter free. South Africa is a pretty clean place. As we drove into Kuruman it was like someone had flicked the litter switch on. There was just litter all over the place. It was awful. We had planned to eat our lunch at the local park “die oog” but we simply couldn’t because of the dirt. This contiued for all the roadside spots for miles out of the town. Eventually sheer hunger made us stop at the side of the road at a random place – with only a donkey watching us.

It was also the first time we did not feel safe on our trip.

By the time we hit Vryburg we were so relieved to see another clean town that we broke one of our major trip rules and went to a Wimpy for coffee and ice-cream.

Dodging major potholes we finally made it to Lichtenburg – the Kimberley Hole has nothing on these mothers.

Tomorrow we hope to make it to Messina via the backroads.

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