A day of getting lost and turning around – DAY EIGHT

The evenings and mornings have turned cold – now I mean Seriously cannot get out of bed cold. The cold makes your eyes water and turn dry at the same time. It makes your nose red and you wrap up in all your woolies. After about 2 hours in the car you a frek warm and you have to strip off.
Living at the coast means that the wind blows all the time. I dont think the wind blows here, at all ever.
We left Lichtenberg in this freezing cold and headed towards Koster en route to Messina – our most Northern Stop. After the Western Cape and North West roads we were used to the road to Koster was a shocker and all of a sudden we had traffic to deal with – we have pretty much had the road to ourselves on the trip so far. Now a word of warning – roads change but maps pretty much stay the same. Through Koster and so we thought onto the N4 on our way to Pilansberg. No Way Houzee after driving for quite a white a roadsign rudely informed uwe were heading in the wrong direction. So U-turn and back to Koster to play hide-and-seek with the evasive turnoff to the N 4, eventurally we found it hidden next to the hospital sign, behind the liquor store, next to the library and over the road from Tante Sannies house. So we drive and drive and just when we thought we had it all waxed we ended up in Rustenberg – execept Rustenberg is not on our itenary at all. So through Rustenburg – take 3 wrong turns did 3 u-turns and eventually we see the sun city signs – BINGO!!!!
Now ever since Uncle Sol built his dream I have wanted to go to Sun City and today we were driving right past it. Now as an East Cape Girl, I reckoned we could pop in to Sun City and see what it looked like, have lunch and carry on. Now from the road all you see is a hue gate house. As we drew up – quivering with excitement and anticipation – the chick at the gate house gave us a look that said “who the hell are you and where is the feral cat that brought you in????” You know one of those looks that starts at her feet and slowly working up to the spot about 3 cm above out eyebrows. Then she says the words:
“Seventy bucks a person”
“We just want to go for lunch”
“Seventy bucks a person”

“This is too expensive to come in just for lunch”
No more words for us – the feral cat people. SHRUG
Well now I feel bugger you Sun City – a dream shattered and a gate house chick super happy for ruining a families day.
On to Pilansberg National Park. Proudly holding our Wild Card to use for the first time we get told “Wild Cards are for National Parks this is a Provicial Park” – “Oh!!!!!” four please.
Again a park is a park is a park. The signage at Pilansberg is terrible but we saw lion, hippo, zebra, warthog and bees.
Out the park to Tabazimbi, and again the landscape changes faster than the blink of an eye. This time man has changed the face of the mountains. Hacking out big chunks for precious platinum.

Maybe we try Messina tomorrow – we only made it 300km today.

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