Travelling this fast around our beautiful country has its ups and downs. You never get to experience a place but you get to see it. Unforgettable beauty is quickly forgotten the next day when anouther of Natures Wonders pops around a corner.
This mad dash around our country to tick off places off is nothing short of an Amazing Race senario. We have only today worked out that the trip is about the travelling, who we meet and see and experiencing South Africa on the road. Its life in the guesthouses and restuarants. Its the landscape and the beauty of South Africa seen through a car window.
Again the landscape changes and as I say to Frans “I wonder if we will see an Upsidedown tree (Baobab?)” viola there is one. Of couse we stop and Jamie jumps out “gotta pee” and pees on the first upsidedown tree he has ever seen.
We also worked out that furthest North was not at Beite Bridge but in the middle of nowhere. Frans has brought his boats GPS – Why???? and in the middle of a road in the middle of nowhere he stops and says “this is the furthest north we can go” then he says “gotta pee” WHAT IS IT WITH THESE GUYS – LANDMARK EVENTS = PEE TIME.
We are now 768 nautical miles from the breakwater in St Francis – which actually means bugger all because we don’t have a boat to sail back on, and even if we had a boat there is no water – but I thought it might be interesting.
Off to Mussina (Messina) – useless name change. Messina is loud, busy and FULL of people. I have never seen so many people carring those PEP vendor bags in my life. Now we looked like locals because our car is full of them. Booked into a B and B and off to Beite Bridge.
You cant get near the bridge but is it so worth the experience. It is CHAOTIC there is just people, trucks, car dealers, police, pedestrians – thousands and thousands of people are crammed into this bottleneck in order to get in and out of SA it is like no border post I have ever seen – OK I have only seen the Alexander Bay – Oranjemund Border Post.
As I said you get to experience people along the road, get this one:
Dude behind me at resturant in Messing and his phone rings
He answers “hallo boss”
Listens to boss
“Im in Durban”
Now I nearly pass out into my food – FELTSKOEN!!!!!! what wrong turning did we make – I thought we were in Messina.
Back to phone Dude:
“Yes boss Durban is hot and I will be here a couple of days”
Ah life on the road ……
Tomorrow Kruger and more ……


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