We bid a sad farewell to our “neighbours on the road” and off to Kruger for another day of animal veiwing. This time via the Numbi gate. As we get to the gate a HUGE elephant is causing havoc at the gate and the vendor huts adjacent to the gate, I have never seen more scared and facinated people in one place ever.
Remember I told you that the BIG rule of MANY rules at Kruger was DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR, at our first turn off we come accross a car where every single person is out of the car (photo below) two are having a pee and the other two a big stretch whilst talking on their phones. Not 300 meters down the road we come accross a MAJOR traffic jam.(also photo below)… I swear there are cars all over the road all looking at “something” we cannot figure out what they are looking at. Eventually we get our turn and we have to ask a friendly tour guide “what are we looking at?” he says “look down”. Well we have just broken the world record for closing car windows, because right next to us, I mean right next to us is a massive male lion having a dos in the grass. We now know why you cannot get out of your car, you simply cannot see these massive animals. The dudes having their pee 300 meters away would have been peeing on a lion and the only thing protecting them would have been meal that the lion had the night before and he was too tired to attack.

There are many aggressive animals in the park, but we have worked out that the most aggressive of all is the tourist who is watching an animal and another vehicle blocks their veiw. High on the list of this species is the sub-species of British Women whose veiw has been blocked.

Another two or so km we see crocs again and then Jackpot a beautiful Black Rhino right in front of us. These massive animals quietly munch away on grass with a couple of birds sitting on their backs. The Rhino let us watch him for ages and only got skittish when another car came.

Off then to the capital of Kruger – Skakusa for our first resturant lunch. Skakusa is a town and not a camp like the other camps in Kruger. There were literally thousands of people their of every nationality – of course all dressed in their favourite safari gear.

Back to the place we spent last night, and, you guessed it our “neighbours” also decided to spend another night here.
Tomorrow ……………… Swaziland and St Lucia and our most eastern point.

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