Spend a certain amount of time on the road and you simply lose track of time and days. There are only two days on the road – today and tomorrow. Today is where you are now, and tomorrow only comes into play because you have to plan a little. Time is literally where you are at a certain moment and whether or not you have a place to lay your head and whether there is peace in your environment.

The kids have got into a little habit now of decorating our car every morning with flowers or leaves – it is very cute. Every morning the car gets eye lashes and lips and sometimes the wheels get decorated at well.
We decided today we wouldn’t go into Kruger, but we also were not ready to leave this beautiful area of SA. We said goodbye to Andover and my neighbour’s (Karen) dad and headed off to the Blyde River Canyon.

Of course we got lost the minute we left the gate of Andover – for some stupid reason the gate we came in was not the gate we departed. We ended up in Sabi which was exactly the opposite direction to where we wanted to be. Turned around and off we headed towards the canyon.

Acornhoek, Klasserie past the Hoedspruit junction and you start winding up the most beautiful pass overlooking the river. We also passed the Hoedspruit Deep Sea Angling Club – DEEP SEA ANGLING!!!! IN HOEDSPRUIT!!!!!! Boy these Hoedspruit guys are the ultimate in the power of Positive Karma.

Right at the top of the pass, stuck between two slow moving trucks, and yet again in the middle of no-where the petrol light comes on. Oops we forgot to fill up.

Going uphill in the middle of no-where and the petrol light shining is not fun. Freewheeling down the pass pass a sign saying “Three Rondavels” and we had to turn in petrol or no petrol. Had coffee and a Kyk-hoe-Lyk and continued freewheeling it to Graskop. We made it with 2 km on the cars estimated range, left. A quick legstretch and off to Pilgrims Rest and a step back in time. Of course the first place the kids see is the Traditional Sweet Shop and we bought a whole heap of liquorice, gumballs, nigger???(no racicism intended, I simply do not know what else to call them) balls – you know the real ones that change colour as you suck them and various other sweetie thingies. After a lovely car picnic we took a walk around and headed off to Hazyview to find a place to lay our tired heads.

After a gazillion calls we find Self-catering accomodation to suit our budget. The directions involve – “turn left at Sabi, go 2.2 km, see Eagles ridge sign, turn onto dirt road and drive carefully for 3 km and you will see our sign and turn into resort”.
As we turn onto the dirt road Frans packs out laughing “Look at the car in front of us”, we all look and lo and behold its Karens (my neighbour) dads car again. We pull up at reception and cannot believe in this vast land that we live in that our paths have crossed yet again. Small worlk this place.
Tomorrow Kruger Again.

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