Days 14 and 15

We are finally leaving the Kruger area, and we head of at 6.00 am. Unfortunately we couldnt say goodbye to our new “neighbours on the road” (still sleeping).

Very soon the Kruger Bush changed to these massive Sugar Cane fields and ….. voeps….. before we know it we are going through the Swazi border.

A slow trip through Swazi ( the average speed limit is 60 km ph) and it took about 2 hours to get back to beautiful SA. We are now in Kwazulu Natal and the landscape is very Nature reserve-ish. We even see a couple of elephants near a river.

At last we get to St Lucia – the most eastern point of SA we are going to.
The Kids were beside themselves seeing the sea again and wild horses couldnt keep them out of it.
We celebrate our achievement will a lekker braai with just ourselves and 4 ferral cats for company. Instead of heading straight to Durban – we decieded to go on another adventure via Cape Viadal and the Greater St Lucia Wetlands nature reserve. The reserve is so beautiful that even the kids forgot to argue. A lovely stop and swim and watch birds swimming on formation and back on the road to DURBS.
The only really bad traffic we have encountered the whole trip was in the middle of the Kruger park, and it is really weird to be fighting traffic again.
We have booked into an amazing flat on the beach at Umhlanga and tomorrow U-Shaka. We are going to stay in Durbs for at least 3 nights for R and R, regrouping and retail therapy ( remember I havent seen a proper shop for 15 days) then back home.

It is Bens birthday today and for the first time in 14 years we will not be with him. Oumie is going to see him today and when we get back we are fetching him for a whole week of Ben thingies.

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