Durban was just what we needed to have a r,r,r. Basically we dedicated the Durbs part of the trip to the kids and serious water activities.

The first day we hit U-shaka – first in the gate and literally last out. There is so much for the kids to do – the kids got rid of so much energy it was lovely.
The next day we hit the Mall, Rosie went straight to the Build a Bear shop and bought herself a friend for life. Jamie went straight to the the wave pool and skate park – needless to say we didnt see the kids all day.

On day three we ran out of money and time to go home. My friend Al sms a message – SHORT CUT FROM DURBS TO ST FRANCIS – please note if my friend Al ever sms’s you a shortcut from ANYWHERE do not heed his advice. He omitted to tell us that he started the shortcut from Kokstad and not Umhlanga – by 7 last night we were still 6 hours away from home, grumpy and freezing cold – by the way, did I tell you we were only in Queenstown.

Waking up mid-winter in Queenstown is simply not fun its one of those PUT YOUR LEFT LEG OUT – put it back under the duvet – PUT YOUR RIGHT LEG OUT – put it very quickly back under the duvet. It was so cold I didn’t even change out of my PJ’s I just put my clothes over them – BIG MISTAKE!!!!! After a quick brekkie – served by cousin of person I know in SFB (again small world) and off we set home via a shortcut given by Justine (owner of guesthouse) – note to self if you are ever given a shortcut from Justine FOLLOW IT.

As we hit Grahamstown there is great excitement when we see out first Humansdorp sign – 201 km.

Now a trip from Grahamstown simply is not a trip from Grahamstown if you don’t stop for pies at the Ngaga pie place. Boy did we bump into travelling St Francis People there. I am now getting seriously hot because I have my PJ’s under my jersey and jeans and Frans simply will not unpack the boot for me to change – when we get back into the car I simply took off my jersey for the homeward trip – hope no-one saw me.
Full tummies and off home to complete out adventures loop.


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