Last Sunday, Afro – who works with me at the Tin Shack – received a phonecall that we all dread, her partner of 10 years had been shot and killed whilst having a Sunday afternoon walk with his friends, the reason for the killing – nothing more than to take the shoes, celphone and jacket that he was wearing. Her son is left without a father, his mother is left without a son and Afro is left without the love of her life.

I believe that we should take a lesson from everything that impacts on our lives and the first email I read after learning of Afro’s loss was this:

“I’ve learned that its those small daily happenings that make life spectactular”

In the last ten days here are a couple of the small daily things that has happened to me to make my life SPECTACULAR

Jamie wiping his nose with the back of his hand and inadvertantly wiping on his sister instead of his pants – the aftermath was not spectacular.

A friend that I havent seen for yonks inviting me to be her friend on Face Book.

A thank you letter from someone you did a small favour for – man its better getting a letter rather than an SMS or email or telephone call!

Finding a book you have been looking for for ages at the local library – opening it and smelling that old book smell.

Cooking a meal that everyone in your family finishes.

Eating a meal with your family where no-one argues and they help tidy up without a groan.

A friend saying “hallo, how are you” and waiting for a reply……. (note to self – you are not allowed to groan when this happens – they may never ask again if you do).

What I think Im trying to say to all my friends is enjoy and embrace life, not looking for the big occaisions to complete you but the small, sometimes pain in the ass, happenings that make life embraceable.

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