The highlight of the Kids school year, this year anyway hands down – no arguement – is the school play. The play this year is a Review covering Musicals.

The Grade 4’s (remeber these are 9 – 10 year old knoweverythings) have decided to present High School Musical AND Sarafina (bless their cotton-picking knoweverythinginthewholeworld socks).

You may think that these two tales are poles – think not – the two stories are very similar – just the ending differs ….. think about it – both are:

1. Set at a School
2. The story line is about pupils wishing to stage a school play.
3. Great musicals.

I digress, back to today. A decision was made to let the kids have a large amount of creativity regarding the insert – so today I went into Rosies class to do a marketing exercise regarding the reveiw. Armed with a black bowler hat, Sarafina video and a passion for the play I was ready to sell the kids the idea of the Review.

I present the ideas to the kids and, then, ask the following…..

“WHO’S IN?” – 32 hands poke holes into the ceiling – GREAT

“ANY QUESTIONS?” – 32 hands shoot up – NOT GREAT!

Who do you start with – do you ask them alphabetically? From smallest to largest? Largest to smallest or front to back?

I decided on the back to front method:

QUESTION 1 – “Teacher-Mom”, I kid you not, “what are we going to wear?”

ANSWER 1 – “Good question little Grade 4 knoweverythinginthewholeentireuniverse midget – we are going to wear ………..” (the outfit is still a state secret).

Smiles all round.

QUESTION 2 – “Teacher-Mom, what are we going to wear?”

ANSWER 2 – Same as ANSWER 1.

QUESTION 3 – “Teacher-Mom, what are we going to wear?”


REPLY 1 – “Cool!!!!!!!!”

Now there are 29 hands still waving at me, and I can see the question comming, so I try a different tack. I trick them and swing my eyes to the other side of the room – firstly No 4 in the cue bursts into tears – oh dear. I hold my ground – “yes Kieran”.

QUESTION 4 – “Teacher-Mom, you look pretty today”.

ANSWER 4 – “You are No 1 in line to marry my daughter – I LOVE KIERAN”.

Its amazing how, at this stage the whole conversation steers completely towards my prettiness, I get “you smell nice”, “you’ve got nice shoes” – and… nice as this amazing Q and A session is, it is not getting us any closer to a Review plans….

We vote for the lead – closed voting of course. We decide on a costume – it took a while. Backstage crew voted themselves on (and yes they wanted to know what they were going to wear).

Reveiw plans day one – a huge success.

FOOTNOTE – Teachers need medals.

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