I don’t know if its my age, but nothing REALLY and I mean REALLY – you know the lightning bolt that turns you into a sosatie type impressed – is impressive to me.

The SA soccer has been impressive – but again not sosatie impressive, as deep, deep down I knew we were going to put on the show of our lives.

This week however I was sosatie impressed not once, but twice, the story goes like this:

Over the weekend there was a fire in our local township. Two households were gutted leaving their occupants with literally nothing – “clothes on their back” type delemma.

Here is where the tale gets impressive

A gardener who lives near the totalled households, tells his exceptionally busy employer.

She then takes a milli-second out of her busy day and tonks a letter to the local e-newspapers.

The e-newspaper then, instead of waiting for the next days publication, immediately forwards her letter to his mailing list.

Within minutes the busy employer is receiving calls with donations of clothing, bedding etc.

By that afternoon – the families had started receiving building materials, clothing and bedding – but most of all thier belief in mankind was cemented forever.

THIS IS IMPRESSIVE – all due to one caring person who put a plan into action.

The second story is a little more complicated:

We have family friends that are well just that – dear family friends, they are our friends because we like them and of course our kids get along like hotcakes. It has never been an issue of what they do for a living but I knew it was something to do with banking.

My housekeeper Mieta (remember mietamaid? refer to post South African weapons of mass destruction) had a large amount of money dissapear our of her bank account – destination unknown – and she was given really bad service from the Bank concerned and the police (busy with Soccer) to cut a long story short, we needed help.

I went to our friend – while he was here on his precious family time holiday to ask him for advice on how we can move forward.

He immediately offered to come see the Bank Manager with myself and Mieta.

In we went, the Bank Manager barely glancing at him. Eventually the Manager puts down his card – “I am ………. and I am the Branch Manager”…………the game of snap was on, our friend puts down his card and says ” I am ………… and I am COO (CEO, CAW, C – something – something that means I am really Big Cheese in this Company), the Branch Manager swallowed the big thing that had formed in is throat, gulp, and the real business of assisting Mieta started.

Now inviting our friend to assist was equivalant of inviting Niel Armstrong to Durban for a holiday and telling him it will be an adventure. But, our friend did it because Mieta mattered and her as a client of his company mattered.


Thank you to our two friends who impressed us this week.

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