To say the least, we live a hectic life. Most of the hecticness revolves around carting the children to and from school, ballet, horseriding, paddling, shooting, swimming, squash etc. etc.

Poor Rosie has got a really bad Ballet time on a Thursday 5.30 pm – now remember Ballet is in a different town, it is an hour long and it means we only hit the house at 7.00 pm. In order to get my ducks chunking along properly I need to be in Jeffreys Bay at 2.00, Rosie blubs down lunch and gets onto the Netball court for an hour, then, one deep breath, straight to play practice (also in Jeffreys Bay), then, fetch friend from freeway, to the gym to do homework whilst waiting for friend, and to ballet.

Thursday is Jamies off day.

He comes to me with a plan.

“Mom, can I rather come home on the bus on a Thursday – I will walk home from the bus”

“Yes dear” I answer – normally walking home from the bus would be a fate worse that death.

“Mom I will finish all my homework before you get home”

Yeah sure……”Yes Dear”

“Oh, and Mom – I will cook dinner on a Thurday night!”


“Thats a wonderful idea – what do you want to make?”

“Hotdogs Mom”

Yep, I can live with this.

So……..I buy rolls, viennas and sauce and lay out everything so he doesn’t have to hunt for everything and go about my merry Thusday.

When I get home the table is set, I can smell cooked viennas and the rolls are buttered and are on the table.

We sit down to eat.

Rolls, butter and tomato sauce.

“Jamie, where are the sausages”

“I’m so sorry Mom I ate them”


According to my son he prepared a fully balanced family meal – HE GOT THE PROTEIN AND WE GOT THE CARBS – balanced family meal.

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