There are many dangerous and life threatning careers in this great big world – there are stunt men and women, air traffic controllers, gynecologists, snake handlers and dentists – I would like to add another carreer to this challenging careers list – COMPUTER ROOM TEACHER.

By defult (counting cake sale money) I ended up sitting in our computer room at the school after break.

In walks 40 grade 1 pupils (this alone should qualify a teacher for danger pay).

Now these dudes literally are knee high uniform wearers –

They charge in

They clamber onto their stool and……..



click their mouses not once but like 30 times each.

“MOENIE CLICK-CLICK” says the poor teacher.

Right, now she gets clever – “OK everyone get off your stools and sit on the floor”

40 midgets do just this.

Just to backtrack a tad – the way a computer class works is that there are 40 computers in the class, the teacher has her own computer which is connected to an overhead projecter which projects an image of a screen onto a large board. The whole class is meant to click onto the same screen as the teacher – if you click-click your computer will go too far ahead and Grade 1’s haven’t leart the “go back one step” thingie button yet.

Now we have 40 little people all sitting on the floor.

“Right! back on your chairs but – MOENIE CLICK-CLICK”

I am sorry – by now the little fingers want to do the talking and not the little brains – as their little bums hit their little stools – their little fingers just reach for that ever so little mouse and the whole classroom is filled with click-click-click-click-click.


Dead silence – no sorry not quite – the mainframe is whirring in a confused manner wondering why not one of the 40 computers is in line with its page – then – ever so thenly… there is silence – the large screen on the wall shows darkness – only darkness, doing the only thing a computer does when it is confused – it shuts down.

A piercing bell breaks the WAITINGFORSWEETS silence – the hour is up, the lesson is over and a new bunch of MOENIE CLICK-CLICKS come in for their lesson.

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