The alarm goes off (some kind of Samsung built-in-your-phone-tune)…

5a.m time to run the bath….

Whilst bath running, stumble down stairs to make coffee…

Have quick bath….

5.15 a.m get Rosie out of bed and into bath….

Get dressed and drink coffee….

Find last nights taped TV programme to watch while I’m getting ready…..

“Get Out Of The Bath NOW Rosie You Are Going To Make Us LATE”

Rosie gets out of bath, comes to dress in our room, go wake up Jamie (no mean feat to wake up a pre-teen) ….

Jamie gets into bath……falls asleep.


Jamie gets out of bath and stumbles to his bedroom – falls asleep with towels round his waist….


T.V programme finished……….1hour into day…..

Makeup done, hair done, dressed, two kids bathed, dressed, fed and shouted at at least 3 times – Frans wakes up (how he sleeps through this lot I do not know)

“Is my watch right?” He asks, “It says 4 am”

I look at my watch – 4 am

I look at my celphone/alarm – 6 am

SUGAR (read s*&t please)

OK kids back to bed for 2 hours.

LESSON – Always check the facts of the things you hear – even if it is your trusty alarm!!!

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