Well ….. back to “Once upon a time land ……” for those of you who need a bit of catch up (its been a while) read ADVENTURE CLOUDS ARE FORMING – PARTS 1, 2 and 3).

The Queen has realised that, as far a Queens go, she is quite dof. Not only has she willingly become the sponsor of Sir Frans Drake and Sir Bagshaw Megellans epic voyage through the renting out of her castle – but she has become the chief “shoulder to cry on”, psycologist, booking agent, equipment handler, boat chandler, credit card provider, advise bureau and to top it all off there is a great big vessel parked in the palaces driveway so she can’t even park her Chariot.
The Queen is beginning to realise the error of her promise to her beloved and his best mate.
Anyway………note to self (queen……you will nevereverneverever sponsor a yacht race again)
Anyway……..back to the epic vogage:
The dates are set: Mid November Sir Frans Drake will be embarking to his first point of call Cape Town. The Queen – as usual – will be left to defend the castle against intruders, travelling feather duster salesmen and begging Muncipal rubbish officials.
During the following 2 weeks the Queen will have to:
1. Write Grade 4 and Grade 7 exams.
2. Pack up the castle
3. Go to numerous cultural, academic and sports prizegivings.
4. Pack up the castle
5. Organise all the teachers presents, end of year notes etc. etc.
6. Pack up the castle
7. Pack for the Royal family for the trip.
8. Pack up the castle
9. Organise all travel documentation.
10. Pack up the castle
11. Organise the food to Sir Frans and Sir Bagshaw
12. Pack up the castle
13. Organise Palace dogs, cats and fish to go to kennels, cattery and ……… well ………where do fish go?
Now packing up the castle is no mean feat. All of a sudden Queenie notices that the Castle (seen through visitors eyes) is looking pretty shabby so some major castle renovations have begun:
Major garden refurbishment which is in the form of wooden retaining walls, paved areas, garden features and topsoiling the lawn. Beds have been cut back and trees have been pruned.
Inside beds have been bought, linen purchased, new crockery, cutlery and glassware is in place. Vaulted ceilings cleaned, lightfittings replaced, carpets cleaned, outside furniture overhauled, curtains washed, floors polished, toilet seats replaced (I kid you not) and soon a certain amount of repainting will be done.
Cupboards have been torn apart and junk, ill fitting clothers, old toys and kitchen ware (there is a LOT) has been turfed.
Still to do – paint furniture, do inventory, fix chimney – castle chimney is falling off (sliding away), give staff a programme and just in general make sure castle in fit for visiting royalty.
Over and above this we must get ready for the mailboat (which is beginning to look like its going to be quite a royal jol!)
Why does Queenie do all of this? (good question…) LOVE – yep just to make sure that the “Once upon a time” in once upon a time land has the ending “and they lived happily ever after”

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