OH DEARIE ME! Once upon a time land has hit a SNAFU – or to be more precise Sir Frans Drake and Sir Bagshaw Mgellan are in a quandry and the quandry is BEER.

After sailing the seven seas – Sir Frans Drake and Sir Bagshaw were hoping to sit down and talk, well, um, sailing the seven seas over a BEER. But because of the exchange rate they are going to need a queens ransom to get a BEER, and Queenie has already given them her ransom, hair money, beauty money and any other money she might own past, present and future for their trip.

Now the intrepid adventurers simply have to do something to get BEER onto the boat without Queenie finding out. The also have to get BEER on the boat without any compromise of the weight of the boat.

An urgent meeting was called……….

And over a couple of BEERS an urgent meeting was held ………….

At this urgent meeting, over a couple of BEERS the following decisions were made……..

According to the boats manifest the following was needed:

72 Litres of water

12 Litres of coke

12 Litres of Fruit Juice

6 Litres of Oros

12 Litres of Milk

25 Litres of Petrol

This equals to 139 Litres of disposable liquid on the boat.

How should they take from Peter to pay Paul?

Well, um, lets have a BEER to decide – um …………….

Unamimous decision – ALL OF IT.

Ok – now lets put this all into perspective – 139 litres of liquid = 371 cans of Castle, which sounds quite a bit until you realise that the Adventurers are setting sail on 01 December and only to return 28 Days later. Each sailor has 185.5 beers at their disposal – with divided by the no. of days away (28) equals a pithy 7 BEERS per day for the boys – add a mate or two (and they will have many) and this goes dramatically down.


They might miss St Helena altogether

They might miss the start of the race altogether

Their first landfall might be Brazil

Queenie is going to be royally peeved.

DO THEY CARE ………. NOPE they will have their BEER.

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