Text book reply (I can bet good money on this)
Jamie – “Bring me a chocolate”
“What kind?”
Jamie – “Anykind – something nice”
Rosie – “Bring me a chocolate, please Mom”….. yip…..this one has manners.
“What kind?”
Rosie – “Anykind – something nice”
Frans – “Nothing thanks” – Rosie takes after him…….
“Are you sure you don’t want a chocolate?”
Frans – “I’m good thanks”
So off I tootle to the shop, and buy all the stuff needed to keep a household running – milk, bread, margarine, two minute noodles (yes it is full of msg’s etc etc etc but its easy and its filling), and then the crown of my trip – THE SWEETIE AISLE!
Oh what a place of sublime legal pleasure – a whole 30 meters dedicated to wine gums, bubble gum, peppermints, liquorish and the undisputed queen of the aisle – chocolate. I spend a lot of time choosing, picking up, weighing which box or packet might just hold that extra gram of pleasure. I deliberate mint and chocolate, nut and chocolate and toffee and chocolate. I look at packaging, colour and imagine the taste of each bite in my mouth – I am in heaven.

Then I spy it …….. a SPECIAL sign (read the word SPECIAL with a star around it) 4 dipped flakes for R18.00 – man this is a good offer – pleasure in a packet for R4.50. I grab my four – pay for my purchases (of course checking the till slip to see, if indeed, this wondrous offer is for real).

Off I tootle home. As I get to the driveway the kids come rushing out …….. “Mom can we help with the groceries?” WHO ARE YOU AND WHO TOOK MY KIDS – each of them rummage through the packets and take out one Flake and run back into the house – yes, they did help I suppose – leaving me to hump everything else back into the house.

So there they sit savoring their chokkie – Frans meanders in takes one look and says –

“How come everyone is eating flakes – WHERES MINE!”

“Here sweetheart I bought you one too” – Superwife in action here.
Now out of the 4 three are down the hatch – one left – MINEMINEMINE.
Hours go by, dinner, movie and finally into bed – and you know that feeling that when you pick up your book you NEED something sweetiechokkieish. And I know, I am certian that one last Flakie is sitting in the grocery cupboard. I look, nothing, I tear apart the cupboard – nothing, I search my handbag, car, washingmachine, bedside table, office –
Dead silence.
I then start questioning myself – were there 4 in the special, have I eaten it and forgotten, did I give it to someone, did I leave it at the shop – no on all accounts.
I try a different tack …..
Dead silence.
For a normally very, very noisy house this is all very, very odd.
Looks like no-one the chocolate eater has moved into my house ……….. BUGGER.

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