Now after weeks of hard work on the Palace, Queenie is beginning to feel like a right Royal Jester (read right Royal Fool), she is honestly beginning to think that she started a tad too early – 2 months too early to be precise.

The Palace is in an absolute state of sparkle and ready to receive Royal Visitors, but, Queenie is beginning to think that the rest of the Royal Family are being downright unreasonable about actually using the “sparkled” up parts of the Palace.

Queenie simply cannot understand why the Royals are fighting against sleeping on the garage floor for the next four weeks.

And to top off all of this the Royal Dishwasher has packed up – and Queenie has no more money in the Royal Coffers to spend because she has given Sir Frans Drake and Sir Bagshaw Mgellan all her money which has gone into the BLOODY BOAT BANJO – hereafter to be known as THE BBB.

On top of this all Queenie starts remembering the visions she had in Adventure Clouds are forming – Part 1 – remember that vision that Queenie had of herself in a pristine white bikini, her newly toned body worshipping the sun whilst the cruise ships numerous waitors served her little drinkie poos with umbrellas in them – oh what a lovely vision – PHOOOOF – vision gone, as part of Queenies clean up campain, the food stores had to be downsized, and being a frugal Queen (waste not want not) Queenie disposed of all edible rubbish, right, you got it – straight into the Royal tummy!!!!!

On top of all of these on top it all all’s the upside is THE BBB is off the Royal driveway – but – in its wake is a massive blue stain from the anti-fouling – now if there is anything that is going to put Queenie into a foul mood is to have an anti-fouling stain on the driveway.

Sir Frans Drake – however has bobbed off into the sunset (literally) and parked his vessel back at Port St Francis – next destination – Cape Town – then, St Helena Isand (Read – as far away from Queenie as he can possibly get)

Once upon a time land is in a state of Never Happily Everafter.

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