So finally we are off to join Frans and Jeremy in Simonstown. An unbelievable amount of organisation has gone into getting the Castle into a rentable condition, pass Grade 7 and 4 – well we don’t know if we (please note the we) have passed but I am sure we will find out next year, sorting out the staff, sorting out someone to watch the staff (bless Roberto my new official angel), buying christmas presents – I never realised that 32 people had a hand in our kids education, saying goodbye to friends, sorting out animals (bless Mrs Van Rooyen and her hotel for the pooches and kitties. And literally just in general ensuring that our lives can be put on hold for the next six weeks so we can follow Frans and his dream.

My biggest worry was Patrics (my man on the ground at the Tin Shack) – parting words – “so what is going to happen to those 3 beers left in the fridge?”

We finally leave and the adventure begins.

What is it about kids and going into an airport?

They get into the place and the first thing they say is “Im so hungry, we havent eaten ALL day”

“DUDE – its 6.30 AM – the day hasnt even been born yet”

“So – what do you want for brekkie”

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm – a chocolate milkshake”

YOUGOTTABEKIDDINGME!!!! “No problem” – anything to keep them out of my hair.


A plane is the perfect place to yank a kids chain.

“Mom, I need to go to the loo”

“Right at the back kid, be careful you dont poo on someones head on the ground, and, please dont fall through the hole we cant come back for you”

Kid holds

But the best, the absolute best – when you get to the rotunda after you land, you tell the kids that this thing works like a sushi resurant and you just choose which suitcase you like and you pay for it when you leave. Boy we got dirty looks.

One of the nicest things about gettting to an airport is if you are being greeted on the other side – even if it is the Car Hire Dude.

I go straight to the Oke with a sign with my name on it.

“HI ….. I’m Tanya”


Now I really cant see whats funny about my name, so I carry on ….. “and this is Jamie and Rosie”


Now I’m getting a bit peeved. “we are here for our car”

“Yes i know, I am the guy meeting you – my name is Funny Gwemenda”



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