The alarm clock buzzes on my Blackberry, its 5 a.m., I click it off and 1/2 get out of bed. “Say WHAT” – yep hanging around pre teens too long – not my room, yay, not a working day, yay, no responsibilities, no work, no exams, no tin shack, no cooking, no NOTHING – yay, yay and yay again – IM ON HOLIDAY, IM IN HEAVEN.

I am also waking up next to my husband for the first time in weeks, triple yay.

I stretch and snuggle back into pristene white linen which i havent washed or ironed, and, which I wont have to wash and iron in the foreseeable future – thanx to Anita – I snuggle up to my now 1/2 awake hubby:

“So sweetheart (right I have only been around him a couple of hours, sweetheart bit of sweetheart can change) what shall we do today?”

“Well I thought we could go and do the grocery provisions for the boat for my trip, then, you can make me four pre-cooked meals for the trip, I would like a pasta dish, a curry type something, something stewy and anything else you would like to make”.

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHHHHHHH – bang, crash, rewind the record – there goes my first day of holiday – and – there goes the sweetheart bit of sweetheart.

So here I sit cooking, alone, and what do you do when you cook alone – think!!!! and what do I think about? – Right, Im a Mom – the kids.

Now I have three kids, all special in their own way, and I love them all equally but there is one thing that genuinely sets them apart – PACKING.

Lets take Ben out of this senario – he is staying in PE for the duration of the Adventure.

When it comes to packing Rosie has it waxed. She starts planning her wardrobe 3 weeks before the time. She is the expert of “what to pack”. She has carefully co-ordinated outfits that are mix and match heaven. She has costumes, toileries, hair accessories, towels, jewelry, hats and 5 selections of co-ordinated 3 shirt, 3 pants/skirt/shorts, 3 shoes. She has a dress in case we get invited out, she has two co-ordinated wheelie suitcases – she even has her outfit selected for the plane trip ironed and ready for the trip. In the weeks leading up to the trip – every evening she unpacks her suitcase to re-check that all is well with the outfits. On the night before the departure she is packed and the suitcases in the boot of the car – boy is she ready to go.

Jamie on the other hand is out – where – well I’m not sure because he constitutes leaving the house information as “bye Mom – I’ll see you later” and this is shouted as he is flying out of the driveway. On the night before we leave the whole house is tidy, packed and we are ready to go. Jamies cupboard on the other hand is full with, well boy type clothes – you know a hodge podge of dirty/clean, wearable/unwearable clothes. When he rocks up at 9.00 pm I say –

“Shouldn’t you pack?”

“Oh – I thought you had done it for me”


“Ok Mom” – and poof 3 1/2 minutes later he is back.

“I’m finished”

I go upstairs and all the little *(&*(& has done is empty his schoolbag, then balances the bag under his cupboard and literally scooped the entire contents (school uniform – ALLES!!!!) into his now empty school bag. There is clothes and shoes sticking out of every zip. There are underpants tied to the handles. According to him he is packed, he is happy.

What am I going to do – NOTHING – we are packed and ready.

When we arrive – Rosie carefully hangs all her outfits in the cupboard. Jamie well – the clothes are still sticking out of his school bag and he is no-where to be seen ………….

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