The cottage which we are staying in in Simonstown is opposite the Naval swimming pool, (how lucky can a girl get), and every morning really really early a group of Navy Okes go for a swim. After the swim they have their shower and one guy sings in the shower.

Now I am not talking about your average shower singer, this is a man who sings from his toenails, he takes his baritone and lifts it through every fibre of his body till it finds release through his mouth. It may be a song of praise – I am not sure – but it is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. It seems to me that this man is saying “Hallo day, I am so priviledged to be here I just want to sing to you”. I want to put his song into a bottle and carry it with me all the time, and sometimes, just a few sometimes when I really need it, uncork the bottle to hear the song and be thankful.

His singing makes me think about my current fixation about blogging, at first I thought it would be a journal about our lives that the kids would be able to read one day and laugh at the minute details of our life that often get forgotten in the big picture.

I only have two rules for the blog –

1. The story must be true as per my eyes;

2. The writing must come from the heart, I never recheck the spelling or syntax of my blog – it gets written then published – it never gets checked or edited (much to the irritation of Frans the perfectionist).

I have spent hours lamenting with girlfriends the reasons why we dont have a hobby/passion/sport, and we are living our lives as dedicated homemakers, wives and living our lives according to other peoples needs/wants and dreams. I have a passion, this blog, maybe a bit voyaristic but it is my hobby – it has been staring me in the face for a while now. Now you might say it only takes about 10 minutes of each day – nope! The blog causes me to snatch my camera as I leave the house, it is the reason why I savour the minute details of our life, it makes me take notice of what is going on around me.

It took the dude in the shower every morning to make me realise that I have all I need.

The blog is my song to the world, it is my way of saying to the world “thank you for letting me be part of what is happening, thank you for my story”.

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