On arrival at CT International Airport (note the word International because the airport is now worthy of this name) – my suitcase floated – well more like limped – out of those plastic shower thingies on the rotunda. It was destroyed – wheels missing, handles gone, bits of plastic still showering off. “Go and report it” said Funny (remember him), I keep choop quiet.

This suitcase was the heaviest thing I have every owned – it took two people to pick it up and airline trolleys even groaned under its weight.

“It looks like its been dropped out of something high”, helpful Funny doggedly continues.
Now I am absolutely sure if it had dropped off a pavement it would have disintegrated.
So merrily shopping I went for a new suitcase – and bought the most fabulous case I have ever seen – one problem – it was 1/2 the size of the old one – something (s, many, lots) had to go.
1. A full set of linen.
2. Learn how to do card trick set
3. 8 Magasines all with “that one article I havent read yet”
4. Hiking boots (I never go hiking)
5. A teapot
6. 8 pairs of flippers and goggles – we are only 4
7. A lifejacket (my hubby is arriving on a boat)
8. 3 books on how to learn photoshop
9. A box of batteries
10 A BOX of torches
11. Groceries (no shops on the island?)
12. String
13. A Harmonica ????????????? – never ever played one
14. TWO computers
and ……… the jewel in the crown
Now remember this is just the extra stuff that came out of this magical suitcase – these things have got to be left in the Cape or my suitcase is going to become cargo and not luggage.
Frans on the other hand did the packing of his boat down to the last teaspoon on Sugar. I kid you not – I get a shopping list and items such as 325 teaspoons sugar, 88 teaspoons coffee – Jamie and myself were not allowed to sail with them because – a weight issue – no more to say here.
We a both flying accross the ocean to the same place, we will both have clothes on our backs and food in our tummies, we will both have friends around us.
The freedom of unpacking that bloody great suitcase full of unusable items is a huge relief, today we will be mincing along to Duncan Dock with the essentials and believe me we have enough of them – we will not be weighed down with anything that is unessessary.
There is a lesson in here somewhere!

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