It is hard to believe that the end of 2010 is here. And what a year it was – South Africa not only aced any world cup expectations, they exceeded them. The Loots family made it to and from St Helena island, Jamie has finished junior school, Rosie has been successful at just about everything she has touched, and me, well I have been the one been tweaking the sails as the Loots boat sailed through 2010.

Which now comes to R day 2010. R stands for Resolutions, you know, those things we are meant to commit ourselves to in order to make ourselves better members of society – so, in order to comply with this age old stalwart – what are my R’s for 2010????.

But, in order to move forward you need to go backwards…..

When we got back from St Helena, by some twist of fate an old friend of mine, who happened to be in Cape Town from England on her way to Australia, fetched us from the boat and off we went to another friends house while The boys – no brainer here – were doing boat things – you would have thought after 6 weeks of solid boat stuff they would be over it by now.

Us girls now had the making of a IGG (impromptu girly get together). First thing that girls do when they get together is to pour a glass of something, and boy how the mighty have fallen – Elaine a glass of wine – not all things change, Anita a cup of tea – something about wine and her constitution having a fallout, and me a glass of water – wine and me just dont get along any more, the subject roams from kids to money, plastic surgery to carreer opportunities (money), fashion and the cost of groceries (money) and eventually lands on 2011 horoscopes.

Being a Gemini Elaine sails through hers, she has a year of romance, money, travel and new beginnings for 2011.

Unfortunately Anita and myself (both Aquarius) don’t have such good news. The horoscope starts with – and I quote – “do not open your mouth on …. 01 June 2011, 01 July 2011 and 24 September 2011” – the predictors were specific about this and very specific about the dates, apparently if we even talk to our plants on these days we are going to be deep in the doo-doo. After carrying on about how we must NOT spend money, travel, smile, have sex or basically even get up in the morning without dire results it finally ends – again I quote – “You must wear a beige suit for a day – and enjoy it!!!!”

Stunned silence hits the room.

Elaine, “neutral (she is an English teacher), neutral, floaty outfits are very fashionable at the moment”

Anita, “Why???????” (She is a deep thinker and steers more towards boho fashion rather than suits).

Me, “Cummon girls lets go and buy Van der Merwe safari suits, socks and the obligatory comb – we could have so much fun walking around in the SA standard” (Eternal optimist).

So back to the big R’s – here are mine

1. I am going to stop reading horoscopes.

2. I am NOT going to give up smoking.

3. I am NOT going to make promises I cannot keep e.g. anything about giving up smoking.

4. I am going to have at least one IGG per month – don’t really know how I am going to plan this because they are impromptu???

5. I am going to start a new business venture in a field I know nothing about.

6. I am going to live a happy and fulfilled life which does not revolve around satisfying the needs of others.

7. I am going to cherish, love and appreciate all those who cherish, love and appreciate me.

8. I am going to see the humour in life around me.

9. I am going to surround myself with people who are true to themselves and do not take themselves too seriously.

10. I am not going to take myself too seriously.

And …… most of all – the most important one:


Happy 2011 to all my “dont take myself too seriously” friends.

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