7 kg’s

My friend Elaine has, due to a million reasons and maybe none at all, become a world traveller. In the last 6 months she has been to San Francisco, New York, England, Ireland, Thailand and now after a whistle stop stop in Langebaan, Cape Town and PE she will be off to Australia so see if the grass is greener on that side of the pond.

After chatting endlessly about travelling I ask a pertinent question –

“How do you lug all your luggage around the world?” Very apt question because Elaine is one of the best dressed and groomed people I know.

“My suitcase never weighs more than 7 kilograms”, She smugly answers

Now you guys just don’t understand, Elaine is also one of my NO. 1 shopping chommies. I cannot tell you how many times we have hit the Grahamstown festival and ONLY gone to the Village Green. Now I am not talking about a day trip, I am talking hard core 5 days and nights solid market shopping. I remember buying hats, pottery the size of small spaceships, duvets (you know those makoti ones), star lights and more, ohhhhhhh so much more.

We would proudly drive our heavy laden car (I think it was an old Honda Ballade in those days) and go home. Now here is the same person telling me she can fit her whole existence, and be proud of it, and still be immaculately dressed, and be happy, into a 7 kg suitcase.

Now this has got me thinking, maybe, just a little teensy wincey maybe we overburden and overcomplicate our lives just with simply too much stuff – and I am genuinely talking about much more than what we put into our suitcases when we go on holiday.

I think there may still be some of the Village Green pottery lurking in a dark corner of a cupboard – gathering dust and taking up space, do we need all the old linen that never seems to budge out of the linen cupboard, sets of glasses that are sets no more, chipped plates and old towels?


a. Have you got any of the above living in your house?


b. Why?

Elaine is notably brighter, lighter and happier. Her children seem to be having a blast.

I honestly cannot seem to leave the house without at least 40 kg of “stuff” – the reality of it would be that I would not be allowed onto an airplane or at the very least pay a king’s ransom in excess baggage with what I put into my boot every day. There are 2 swimming bags, a bow, arrows and Zingela clothing, ballet bags, horseriding bags, cycling bags, paddle bags, shopping bags, cooler bags, food bags, computer bags, baskets, in case bags, camera bags and the list goes on……. all is stacked and balanced very carefully in the back of the red rocket – so carefully in fact that I cannot see out of the back window. This is all before I have even thought of taking my 2 (TWO) (TWEE) (TWO OF ONLY) handbags – who on earth carries two handbags – well, um – me of course!

Seems to me somethings gotta give (apart from my shoulder joint).

I also don’t think I’m the only person out there with this problem – this is a problem that probably has reached epidemic proportions.

Society has become baggage obsessed, retailers make millions out of us bag/baggage people – carefully disguising beautiful pieces of leather into little masterpieces of extra space to load onto our shoulders.

Let’s get rid of our extra baggage and live lighter, happier and more carefree existences. Lets lighten our loads and donate anything that we are lugging around that is more than 7 kg’s to someone who has less than 7 kg so we can balance the universes load.

I also have more than 7kg’s excess baggage living around my tummy area and in my quest to balance the world’s baggage problems 2011 is the year that I intend to ditch this – BUT – this is another story… (feeling the rumblings of a 7kg challenge here) …..

One thought on “7 kg’s

  1. Geez, T! I agree. Back in the day all my worldly possessions fitted perfectly into my Yellow and Brown Baja Bug, with plenty of space to spare for all my buddies and now I live in a space filled with way more than I need! You hit the nail on the head.At the start of 2011 I have more than 3 times the amount you mention wrapped around my waist and I, along with you, intend to share it with those who have less and balance this out of balance planet we inhabit!

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