Our home is a really busy place and I mean a really busy place.

The kids seem to arrive and leave in packs and at any given time there seems to be at least 6 kids here. So if I do my maths correctly approximately 2 190 different permutations of children have passed my doorstep in 2010 – this is quite a few.

Over the past 12 months how many children have passed my threshold and introducted themselves to me?


Picture a very common scene:

Jamie rocks up into the house looking like the pied piper – as he gets into the door he stops, turns around and says “does anyone want anything to eat or drink?” – firstly all his friends sort of plow into him, and then (no brainer here) they say “yes”.

Now in all honesty there is nothing wrong with this except they seem to mow all the lekker stuff in the house, chips, popcorn, coke, cooldrink, cake and donuts just seem to dissapear. I have yet to see broccoli, brown bread, water or fruit juice EVER to go.

Anyway, I am sitting in my office working and I hear next to me, “hallo my name is Stephan, pleased to meet you”.

Firstly I pick myself off the floor and set my chair up and low and behold this kid is also waiting for me to reply, first thought – WHAT DO YOU WANT AND/OR WHAT HAVE YOU BROKEN?

“Errr, hallo, um, err, I’m also pleased to meet you” – well this is a first.

Girls in the pre teen bracket take this all to a new level – a pack (they always travel in packs) of girls arrive and you go and say hallo. “Hallo!! welcome” suddenly the most interesting thing on the planet seens to be their toenails, they also seem to do this twisty thingie with their left (always left) foot, then they sort of grunt something and that is it – no movement – except for the left foot, no eye contact, no nothing.

Then Sonja arrives, firstly I have never seen anyone dressed head to to in spongebob squarepants clothes, I mean cap, t-shirt, shorts and slops. I am sitting in my office and I hear – “Hallo my name is Sonja, thank you for having us”. First thought – thank goodness Sonja and Stephan didnt arive on the same day!

Both of them thanked me for having them.

Which got me thinking about past kids and again only two come to mind, firstly (and yes I am going to name them) Ryan Christy – he must be an adult by now – he would always come up to us and say hallo and/or introduce himself and (beat this) he would shake our hands, secondly a couple of years later Doug Stewart-White literally blew us away because not only did he say hallo, shake our hands he would then look us in the eye and say “how are you?” and wait for a repy.

My crystal ball tells me these two are going to be successful at whatever they do in life.

Now, is it to difficult for us as parents to teach our children to go and say hallo to people, maybe shake their hands and definitely look them in the eye and ask how someone is.

If we teach them this small thing we can change our midgets from being normal kids to being impressive human beings.

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