A little while ago Rosie gets off the school bus and I see a black line all across the hem of her school shirt.

Now in our house school uniforms are the holy-grail of clothes. Under no circumstances, at any time, is one of the kids to dirty/mess/spill on their school uniforms. There are simply too many repucussions if they dirty their shirts – immediately got to be washed, dried and ready for the next day.

I know this defies the whole yummy school lunchbox theory, but, on second thoughts I deal better with a hungry kid than a dirty uniform.

NOTE TO SELF: From now on I will only pack white rice and water in lunch boxes – I have never heard of a kid comming home saying “Mom, I have messed white rice and water on my uniform”, I have never heard a Mom grumbling “Oh dear, Johnny has messed white rice and water on his school shirt”.

Anyway back to Rosie and her school shirt line (remember she is my good one). On closer inspection I see the whole bottom hem of the shirt has ROSIE ROCKS ROSIE ROCKS ROSIE ROCKS…….. written in permanant marker.
“Whats that Rose????

“I Dunno” – she replies, doing that twisty foot thingie and avoiding eye contact.

I try a different tack, “Why is there writing on the hem of your shirt?”

“I Dunno”


Rosie was in the dogbox.

Every morning when I drop the kids off at their busses (lot of bus thingies going on in by life) I walk past the laundromat and get my post. This morning through the laundromat window I see a pristine white curtain hanging out to dry, and in the middle of this pristine white curtain in – yep you got it – permanant marker is one word – Domnique.

From this I can only imagine the following:

1. Domnique really smaaks his curtain.

2. Domnique has a curtain theft problem and needs to label his curtain.

3. Domnique does not like plain white curtains.

4. Domnique is in really big trouble from his Mom.

5. Domnique is really cross with the laundromat because they labeled his pristene white curtain.

Well, this putting your name on stuff has really got me thinking. In the deepest depths of my soul I admire my daughter for enjoying herself so much that she writes ROSIE ROCKS on the bottom of her school shirt.

I honestly think we should all be able to take an item of clothing, curtain, lounge suite or whatever and write in PERMANANT marker – DAVE ROCKS, DEBBIE ROCKS, TRISH ROCKS. TANYA ROCKS or …………………….(FILL IN YOUR NAME) ROCKS.

If we dont love ourselves, how on earth are we going to love someone else. If we dont think that we ROCK ourselves, how can we make someone else think that they rock.

I encourage you all to get that pen and declare to the world that you ROCK.

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