I have been feeling a little down lately …. why? …….. well I am a little bored …….. nothing really exciting seems to happen anymore.

To add to it all when I ask my pals what they have been up to inevitably their answer is “same-old-same-old”, “not much” and the cracker “nothing”. Now when I ask someone what they have been up to I am really interested, I want a blow by blow account of the lives, who was there, what everyone was wearing – yep all the juicy details. Even my friends seem to have nothing to report.

And there I was thinking they were leading these exotic, fun filled existences whilst I was wallowing in my dark pit of nothingness. Funny enough there they were thinking I was leading a fun filled existence whilst they were wallowing in their own black hole of nothingness.

My nothingness included:

* My dog being bitten by a snake and surviving (sans one eye)

* Seeing a teeny weeny 145 kg baby rhino

* Entered my first photographic comp. (Did really sadly – but my friend Jenny did Great)

* Banjo getting back to Port St Francis and going for its first sail.

* Night bicycle rides

* Day bicylcle rides

* Our families first BIG barney

* 12 various medals won by various family members for sport

* Horse riding meets and lots of rosettes

* Top 8 Gala

* Schools first Gala

* Invitation to the stunning Woodridge School Gala

* 40km MTB ride J-bay to Sfb.

* Car breaking down – and going again.

* A friend dying

* 2 friends injuring themselves in riding accidents.

* Jamies friend getting stitches on his foot and then having us in stitches by taping gumboot to his leg so that it wont get wet. Us in stitches again watching his take the boot off.

* Sharing in a friends excitement as he prepares to go to Switzerland

* Seeing Jamie reconnect with a friend he had had a disagreement with.

* Seeing Rosie reconnect/disconnect/reconnect/disconnect with friends (its a ten year old thing)

* First high school exams (disaster)

* Bow Shoots

* Great Guests

* Frans paddling his first 3 km

* Me paddling my first 1 km (40 mins)

Oh well apart from all of this I have been doing nothing for the past month.

Now where am I going with all of this?

I reckon we are all so worried about what we are not doing that we forget the days where we barely have time to take a breath, where bathtime is a stolen moment at 5.00 am and a chat on Facebook is all but forgotten.

LIFE not NOTHING is happening all the time, we are all busy with the beauty of something every second of the day. Me personally – I am going to stop wallowing in the black hole of nothingness and embrace all the really interesting, exotic and fun things that happen to me every day – I challenge you to do the same.


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