For many reasons, and actually none at all I ended up watching THE Royal Wedding alone. Basically I had what I thought was going to be a work day from hell, I had declined any invites, my kids and Hubby were duly despatched and we were going to work. Between my guests being angels, my staff being stars and no kids in the house I found myself all alone to watch the most watched wedding ever.

I must admit I did make one call to a friend to see if she wanted to watch the event, her answer:-

“I stink and need to go for a shower!”


Anyway, there I was with a cup of tea in one hand and a scone in the other, being South African I had the Biltong and naartjies lurking on the coffee table.

I must admit it was all quite lonely – no-one to talk about how dorky Fergies offspring looked, no-one to Ohhhhhhh with when David Beckham strolled in with his perfect cheekbones, no-one to discuss how lovely Camilla looked and no-one to discuss the ROK of the century ……. SKREEEEEECH – REWIND – REVERSE – I did have someone, there, lurking between the biltong and the naartjies was my beloved Blackberry, and, inside my Blackberry was sitting every lonely persons best friend – Facebook.

How on earth did we live without FB? Suddenly I was not alone anymore – I was part of a group of like-minded wedding watching friends. We discussed dresses, protocol, decorations, THE kiss, the crowds, the policeman, the horses and of course David Beckhams perfect cheekbones. Because of my friends I had the best day ever watching THE wedding. But most of all our FB party showed me the difference between men and women.

Friends of ours – a Husband and Wife team, were watching the wedding together – lets call them Marc and Genevieve (why? well ummmm – thats their names), and this is how their posts went:

M – I shudder to think what this lot is costing Kates poor Dad (yes Marc and Gen have a daughter)

G – Getting excited, I think I might cry …..

M – Shoot the director, he missed the veil comming off. Thats like missing a goal in boys language. Sky is 15 seconds behind CNN’s feed?????? Swopping channels ……….

G – Bridesmaid looks a little skinny but gorgeous ………

M – WOW – she just got all his wordly goods – GO GIRL!!!! Where did the kiss go?

G – Freak – she must be nervous …

M – Middleton family – 1 , Windsor family – 0 ….

G – Beautiful, so georgous …..

M – I dont believe it!!! we just broke our sofa …..

G – They are so flippen cute together ….

M – I keep on seeing Roan Atkinson ….

G – Does the Queen sing along?

M – D’ya think they will keep those screens up for the FA cup?

G – I still want to know how they keep those hats on ….

M – If I was Harry I would start hitting on Pippa straight away …..

G – Soooooo stunning!!!!! Magical – I’m just waiting for the little blue singing birds to pick up the train ….

M – Did anyone else see that horse bolt?

G – Oh well …. thats that. Perfect. Congrats Mr and Mrs Will.

All in all, the wedding was watched by 2 billion people, thats about 1/3 of the world population, Britian had a public holiday, Pippa has become the most eligible woman in Britian, the Queen looked like a custard slice and magic was brought into our households. Men and women joined together to watch the happy couple and a bit of goodness and love was spread throughout the world.

OH, and did I mention David Beckhams perfect cheekbones?

3 thoughts on “THE WEDDING

  1. Hi The Loots!! – from an ex neighbour. Now back in England. For one day no sight of blood on the idiot box. After all the discussion re peoples hats etc. a truly magical sealing of the love those two people have for each other. I m actually not a royalist but really appreciated the full picture. Best wishes Rosemary Hughes – [4 Reservoir Rd]

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