To say the least, the day that it was “all about the bike” was a beeeeeg day …….. the story continues …..

It is pouring with rain when we finished the race, and the first thing Jamie says to me when I got in (cold and shivering …. but ever so chuffed) that maybe it would be better if I moved DADS car from the muddy parking lot in case we got stuck.

Now I hope you have notices the capitals in the words DADS in DADS car, because DADS car is a loved piece of machinery.  It is washed, driven with respect, tidied after every trip, serviced on a regular basis, DADS car sleeps in the garage and is generally just a well respected vehicle.  Not like moms car which is the closest thing to the rubbish bin that we own (another story).  On the rare occaison when we ask DAD to loan his car, the request is normally accompanied by 3 – 4 loooooooooooooong lectures about how we are the worlds worst car trashers that have ever hit the planet.

Anyway ….. I move the car and we settle in and enjoy the fire, coffee and burgers.  My friend Ana, who had left early phoned me to say that the causeway was still fine and that she made it through.  Now I was itching to go but Jamie had to stay for the lucky draw (also another story).

Very soon various cars were getting stuck in the parking lot (Thanks Jamie) and a tractor was busy pulling them out.

Within half-an-hour of Anas call we were on our merry way.

Jamie and I were in a good space, he had come 2nd in the mens division, I had completed the race, we were full of “warm-making” food and beverages.  We knew the roads were going to be wet and slippery and we were taking it slowly – having one of those blow-by-blow rehash chats about the race.

We come to the causeway, we stop, I start driving through slowly.

As we come to the other side ……… I speed up to get out.

The car goes “hhhhhuuuuumppp stiiiickkkk” and we stop.

Jamie looks at me and says, “Mom have we stalled?”


Jamie says, “You have got to be kidding”


Now you have got to understand the water is flowing fast, it is rising, it is brown.  The car will not start – it just goes “Click!”

Jamie says, “Pop the bonnet”

What is it about guys that the minute something goes wrong with a car guys want to pop the bonnet.  At this stage I need to tell you that Jamie knows NOTHING about car engines

No cel reception.

“Mom just pop the hood”.  Oh well, I have nothing to lose.  He gets out the car and lands chest height in the fast flowing water.  He looks at the engine and says ……………. wait for it ………… “Mom I think the engine is wet”  – I say nothing.

So now we leave the car and start walking up the hill to get cel reception.  I phone Frans …… “Sweetie I think I have drowned the car!” – he was very good about it , I phone Eric and Esti Stewart (who are on the Oyster bay side).  They phone Mike Hay who is on the St Francis side of the causeway.

Right now all I want to be is out the water – it is rising.  Jamie and I get back into the car to start packing all the stuff we can.  The rain is pouring.  The water is flowing.

Another car stops on the other side – 3 okes get out, wade to us, “Pop the hood” they say, I pop the hood, they look and say “the engine is wet” – strip – and try and push us out – car wont budge.

Next Eric and Esti arrive and try and drive to us ……….. STOP …… you dont understand how deep this thing is.  Eric wades over …….. “Pop the hood” he says, I pop the hood, he looks and says “the engine is wet”.

Mike Hay arrives, and says – yep you have got it “Pop the hood” he says, I pop the hood, he looks and says “the engine is wet” – I say nothing.

Mike then hooks us up to a tow rope and pulls us out the water.  Frans phones and tells me the tow truck is on its way.  Eric and Esti leave, Mike leaves and that leaves Jamie and myself waiting for the tow truck.  Frans phones us every now and then – he is being pretty cool about the whole thing.

Dolf arrives with tow truck ……….. and you simply wont believe it he comes over and says ……… “pop the hood”, I pop the hood, he says “The engine is wet”  – I am now speechless.

Anyway, the car gets on the back of the tow truck and Dolf delivers us safely home.  I must add here that we were the first of many cars that got stuck that day,  Dolf phone never stopped ringing with calls.


1.  Drowning a car is not fun.
2.  Cell phones do not get reception when you really need it.
3.  Rather wade through a drift befor you drive through it – this one is very important.
4.  If a man wants you to “pop the hood”, just do it, it is an inbuild need for men.
5.  Go slowly through water, speeding up through the drift was not my brightest moment – this one important.
6.  Getting a lift home in a tow truck, with your car on the back, is an advert saying “look what I did to the    car”.
7.  I have good friends who will help me when the chips are down.


I bet you are all wondering, well, the other day I asked……. “Sweetie, when are you going to moan at me about the drowning incident”, his answer, and please note hubbies out there, “When I moan at you about the incident I will become the bad guy, if I dont moan you will be forever the bad guy – I dont want to shift blame here”.


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