Lately I have been thinking a lot …. and the thought that comes most to mind is about Cowgirls – you know those Chicks who roamed the Prairies of America surrounded by strong, very good looking Cowboys. 

So …. here are these Chicks and they are racing around and …. suddenly their heel on their Cowboy (girl?) boot breaks.  What on earth did Cowgirlie do?  To me breaking a heel is tantamount to the wheels falling off my bicycle during a 30 km rainy/stormy cycle or losing my skipper during a dingy race – it is just unthinkable.

What did she do – did she go and kill a cow, skin it, slowly tan the leather, form the boot, sole the shoe, decorate it and most important how on earth did she get a new heel?  Or did she sukkel along till they reached the nearest town and have the local cobbler make her new shoes, and, then 5 days later when she is back with her Cowboys on the Prairie and the boot gives her blisters or splits, how does she return it to the suppliers or even complain to him?

This week the unthinkable happened in our household ….. the Blackberry Server downed its tools and went on strike.  In a nutshell it seemed that there were so many little Blackberry messages flying around in cyberspace that the poor server couldnt cope with it and simply crashed.

Jamie was the hardest hit.  Like the poor shoeless Cowgirl he had lost his wheels.  The Blackberry never left his palm in the remotest hope that suddenly all would be fixed and he could enter back into his bb world of VSN (very social networking).  There was no-where he could go to fix the problem, he couldnt fix it himself – in fact he became so grumpy and abusive that we wished that we had never got him the Blackberry.  This was one of the first times in his life where he couldnt get what he wanted and Mom or Dad could not help him.
Now … where am I going with all this?  We live in an instant world, if we want something we just buy it, go to the Mall, if there is no shop in our area we buy it online, if we dont have a computer we telephone our order in. If we dont have the money to pay for something now – we use a magic piece of plastic that will ensure that we pay on the never-never.  In todays world there is literally nothing shoppable that we cant get immediately.  Broken necessities are simply replaced and the old chucked away.

I love living in this instant gratification world, but somewhere deep deep inside of me I long for the days when we used to desire something, that desire would then spark the need to save for an object, research an object and through all this, work out a stradegy of finding/saving/going without/and finally acquiring something.

Once you got the object of your desire you would look after it – hey – because it took you a long hard time to get it.

A stupid incident like the BB service going down has made me want to instill Desire into Rosie and Jamie’s lives.  I want them to want something so much that it becomes a need, I want to guide them into how to get their needs through hard work and persistance – I want them to respect what they own because they know what it is to work for a goal.

In essence I want them to be like the cowboy (girl) with a broken boot who has to travel long and far to get what they want or even better – respect and look after what they own because they HAVE EXPERIENCED how much work went into getting it.


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